Nov 12 2022
06:28 am

Thanks to RoaneViews, As of the week ending October 29, 2022, "Tennessee is epicenter of U.S. flu cases as flu vaccinations lag behind."

From News Channel 5, Nashville, "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Tennessee is among three epicenters of the flu virus across the country right now, experiencing the highest levels of flu virus spread in the country.

The other states are Alabama and South Carolina."

According to the CDC, as of November 5, 2022, the very high levels of flu activity has spread to nearly every state in the South.

"The U.S. is seeing the highest flu hospitalization rates in a decade for this time of year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday, with people ages 65 and up hit the hardest, followed by young children.

The rise comes as other respiratory viruses, including respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, are also spreading early and rapidly."

Tennesseans like to be on the top no matter how bad it is.

Note, there are flu vaccines that will help to prevent hospitalizations and potentially serious complications. You can get a flu vaccine at nearly every pharmacy and county health department.

Oh, and let's not forget masks! Masks are not just for Covid-19, they can help prevent colds and flu.

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