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You have to wonder......

We've spent over three years arguing about whether or not covid is real, whether or not vaccines were effective, whether or not it was possible to mitigate covid outbreaks with proven measures that worked, whether or not the ventilation systems at our schools were adequate and what role the government should play in death lotteries, should they work at eliminating them or should we accelerate the number of so-called winners.

You have to wonder what would have happened had our political leaders like Martin Daniel, Kyle Ward, Tim Burchett, and Glenn Jacobs taken both their jobs and covid seriously? What would have happened had Glenn Jacobs stood up and denounced violence against our nurses and hospital staff instead inciting violence against them? What would have happened if Jason Zachary had indeed acted in a Christian manner and done what he could to stop covid instead of working to accelerate it's spread? What if they had treated covid as the legitimate threat it was instead od weaponizing it against the local citizenry, strictly for their own political gain and power? It does make me wonder about what we've become and what ever happened to Volunteers and the idea that we should look out for one another, as well as ourselves.

What if we had all worked together from the start and directed our efforts at helping our children at that time instead of engaginjg in a culture war? I guess we'll never know.

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