Apr 9 2021
09:18 am

Washington Post:

When it comes to rates of vaccination, Mississippi still has a way to go, with just a quarter of all residents having received at least one dose compared to the nationwide average of 33 percent, according to state data.

According to the CDC, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, have similarly low rates of vaccination.

According to the Washington Post,
* In Mississippi, nearly half of all Republican men and 40 percent of Republicans over all have said they do not plan to get vaccinated,
* Mississippi’s large Black community, which comprises 38 percent of the state’s population but accounts for 31 percent of the doses administered,
* Tim Callaghan, an assistant professor at the Texas A&M University School of Public Health and an expert on vaccine skepticism, said that more research was needed to divine the reasons behind Mississippi’s slackening vaccine demand but that states with large rural populations, Republican voters and African-Americans were likely to be the first to confront the problem.

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Wanted to go to the Blount

Wanted to go to the Blount County Co-op the other day but when I looked in the window I didn't see any customers wearing masks. Turned around and left.

Went to Horn of Plenty in Maryville. Luckily not many customers since the senior citizens there didn't wear masks.

The Mr. Went to Publix near UT campus. Everyone wearing a mask except one man. Many people at grocers in Blount County wear masks but you can reliably see multiple persons without masks.

Went to Home Depot in Blount County. Probably 50% of the customers weren't wearing masks.

I just don't think it is time to let down your guard.

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Went to Target in Maryville

Went to Target in Maryville today, around noon. This is the first time in a year. What a pleasure. Of about 100 people in the store 98 were wearing masks.

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Mayor Glenn Jacobs told

Mayor Glenn Jacobs told Compass that he hasn't gotten a vaccine yet.

In an emailed statement Wednesday, Jacobs said, "I’m not vaccinated yet, but plan to be. I’ve been vocal about what an amazing advance this is. Never before have we created something like this from infancy so quickly."

But, he added, "I do want to say, though, I feel very strongly that the choice to be vaccinated or not be vaccinated is a personal one. It isn’t for any one of us to judge why someone does or doesn’t. As I have said time and time again, this is the time to make our own choices, do our own research and do what is best for our families. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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There is a light at the end

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Because people get vaccines, wear masks, social distance, etc. Not because of anything he has done that I can tell. Arguably, he has made it take longer.

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Why it's taking so long.

There is no doubt that the messaging related to this crisis from both the mayor and county commission has been the primary factor in driving deaths. There was no reason for us to have more than 250 deaths (300 if a disaster hit).

Based on current numbers and best projections we have killed about .74 children thus far. The case number/death rate projections have generally been pretty accurate, though, interestingly, at every stage we can observe the effects of advancing treatments. Children's Hospital reported to the school board five close calls. What happens when the anti-mask messaging lulls a parent into thinking things will be OK until morning? Or a new effect from a variant strikes a Knoxville child first? Or a family doctor misses a diagnoses and has to wait an extra day for a covid test to return. The only sure way of preventing pediatric deaths from covid is to make sure the children aren't exposed to begin with. That's not happening. The messaging coming from Commission and the Mayor, don't wear masks, don't get a vaccine (wink wink) is accelerating the spread of covid, not mitigating it.

While I definitely see better times for all of us in the near future, particularly those of us choosing to vaccinate and mask, the Mayor's propaganda campaign , misinformation and outright lies have all but guaranteed that we will not get to a point resembling eradication in Knoxville.

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Dim Light

"Inevitably, he has made it take longer." There....I fixed it for you.

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Map showing estimates of the

Map showing estimates of the percent of the population in each county that may be vaccine hesitant.

Tennessee has a pretty high hesitancy rate. Blount, Knox, Monroe, Loudon, Monroe are doing fairly well. Williamson County is doing the best in Tennessee. Wonder why some East Tennessee right wing counties are doing so well?

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Knoxville City

The City of Knoxville is a democratic stronghold. I'd say that explains something, not sure what.

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