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That's a step in the right

That's a step in the right direction. Anything would be good if it will loosen the grip of the oil companies.

Factchecker's picture

Count me as a skeptic. One

Count me as a skeptic. One third of the roadway must be dug up and energized with 10's or 100's of thousands of watts' power. What's wrong with battery powered buses like the Proterra?

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There seem to be

There seem to be environmental issues with batteries. Apparently, one Tesla battery is the equivalent of 10,000 iPhone lithium-ion batteries. There are issues with sourcing, processing and recycling lithium. There are apparently new technologies that replace lithium, but there's still the issue of the carbon footprint of battery production.

Many cities still use electric trolleys, trams and light rail with overhead power cables. Seems to work.

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Have you seen carbon/energy

Have you seen carbon/energy footprint comparisons between batteries and road infrastructure such as this? Of course battery production comes with environmental costs. Travel is extremely energy intensive, except by foot or bicycle.

Which alternatives are better?

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I've lived in several cities

I've lived in several cities without an automobile, depending instead on public transportation, bicycles, and walking. You're right, travel is energy intensive, and there's way too much unnecessary travel if you consider needs vs wants.


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On that we agree. Areas like

On that we agree. Areas like ours need a lot of help and it's going to take a long time. I'd be happy to get some good bike paths along more roads. We have nice bike and walking trails, but too many can't be safely accessed from many homes and neighborhoods.

fischbobber's picture

On that topic.....

We agree. It must be noted though, that under Rogero and continuing, in this brief period under Kincannon (Bless her heart, that woman has been put through a wringer and she has responded like a champion.) almost seems like she's been Mayor a hundred years, roads have been redesigned and bike lanes and signage have improved over miles of city thoroughfares and roads at a considerable savings over building greenways. It's gotten a lot better pretty quick.

I would like to see the thirty miles or so of greenways and designated trails tying all this together built while I'm still young enough to ride them. I've always thought it would be cool to be a part of being a part of a town that could host Boy Scout Troops for the purpose of achieving their Bicycle Merit Badge in a one week or less time period.

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sounded good on paper

Actually, probably more like 100's of thousands of megawatts! You're right. The initial costs would be astronomical... AND, roads must be maintained - repaired & repaved. With each new layer of paving, there would almost surely be a reduction in efficiency. Then there's the issue of road damage which could disable large sections of roadways, possibly leaving vehicles with low power reserves stranded on the shoulders. Furthermore, the tremendous amount of power that would be consumed is generated by ??? - fossil fuel maybe!

New battery chemistries are being developed at a very rapid pace. With each iteration, the prospects of electric vehicles is looking better every day.

Batteries charged by solar panels could be the beginning of the reversal of pollution (& conservation of precious resources) caused by the most common types of power production - coal, oil, & natural gas.

For many years, manufacturing of photovoltaic solar panels consumed more energy than the panel could produce in it's useful lifetime. Only within the last couple of years have solar panels starting to produce much more power than that & I expect that trend to continue - up to the point of diminishing return of course.

Just one more thing - if you're wearing a pacemaker, stay away! FAR away!

As for now, YES - electric buses rule!

Factchecker's picture

Yes, depends on how much of

Yes, depends on how much of the road is relied on for these chargers and what the electric vehicle load is, but it could indeed be megawatts. Recharging roadways remind me of that even far stupider idea of solar roadways. That one is a real doozy.

BoB W.'s picture

solar roadways?

Haven't heard the one about solar roadways. What's the punchline?

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Still going strong, apparently

If they do all this, they'd cost a zillion dollars per sq. ft. and still wouldn't produce much power.


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California wants to ban gas-powered cars

California could join France, Norway and the United Kingdom in banning cars with traditional combustion engines, after Gov. Gavin Newsom's executive order to end the sale of gas- and diesel-powered vehicles in the Golden State by 2035.

California wants to ban gas-powered cars, but is the auto industry ready to go all electric?

jbr's picture

With Nissan currently

With Nissan currently assembling electric-powered Leaf cars in Smyrna, Tennessee and Volkswagen is about to make battery-powered ID.4 sport utility vehicles in Chattanooga, Tennessee Environment and Conservation Commissioner David Salyers said Tennessee is emerging as a leader in the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles aid the environment and economy, Tennessee commissioner says

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Put your comments into the survey

"A long-term vision for transportation..."


I commented that there was NO regional effort such as rail, park-and-rides, or other alternatives being considered. Very shortsighted for our large area with large visitation and two interstates crossing.

michael kaplan's picture

There was a vision: build

There was a vision: build more roads, and add more lanes to existing roads. Remember SmartFix? It's now a roof for the homeless ...


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The only thing I can make of this link is that it seems to be a way to collect personal information & that there doesn't appear to be a place to actually answer any other questions! After giving personal info that didn't seem appropriate to me, I was shown a map with some projects marked but not labeled & no links.

Am I missing something?
Is my browser not using the appropriate add-ins?
Is something amiss on the server end?
Senior moment?

I'd like to register my input on the plans if I could get it figured out.

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I had the same problem and got this response

Ally Ketron
Mon, Sep 21, 3:32 PM (6 days ago)

to mobility, me

Hi, XXX. Thanks so much for filling out the survey. It should have automatically redirected you to an interactive map, which can be found here (you don't have to fill out the survey again to leave comments on the map). You should get a pop-up box with instructions once you open that page, or you can access that information by clicking on the "Instructions" option in the drop-down menu (found in the upper left-hand corner).

We also received your other email with specific comments and will record those. Let us know if you have any additional issues or comments.

Thanks for your input!
Ally Ketron
Communications & Outreach Specialist

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Google Maps for bike rides

Seeing jbr's latest comment on the other thread about Google Maps adding COVID data reminds me that Google Maps also does bicycle routes. It's pretty nice, as it graphs elevation along the route. Apple Maps does not include bicycling as a mode, unfortunately.

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electromagnetic charging for trams

i believe this has been around for awhile.


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News flash: TDOT doesn't care

News flash: TDOT doesn't care what you think unless you are a road builder or one of the many local officials who get kickbacks from them.

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