Apr 15 2019
10:16 am

Is it creepy how when you order from some web sites or you ask a question on a web site and then they persist in bothering you about the product or question? It's almost creepy. It's like the company bot will not give up. You must keep in touch with them. It is imperative.

Why is it some companies have such horrible voice phone systems and others know how to do it right? Some companies want you to speak to the system with you request others allow you to speak or press a number. A couple of recent encounters were kind of tough. One required a voice response and my response was to be "something else". The voice system could not understand what I was saying. Three times! I finally had to give up and use one of the other options. Yes, I did try pressing 0 (zero) to no avail. With so many accents, dialects, etc. I would think its a little tough for a lot of people. Yes, I did go to their web site to try to get the task accomplished, but it was not possible.

Then there are all these web sites that look great but do not want us to know where they are and who they really are, Every company on the Internets should have an easy way to find out their address. With an address we can more easy look up professional licensing information, corporate registrations, BBB reports, etc.

Secure identifications are getting a little out of hand. I know, it is hard to keep track of passwords, especially when you have 22 different secure web sites to use. Then they want you to change your login password frequently. However, I'm not condfident I'm willing to provide a fingerprint, face recognition, retina recognition, etc. to stay secure. I don't even want to provide a phone number. Have the companies proven their sites are secure? No.

Then, there are the companies moving to texts instead of emails to contact us. Sure, a lot of people now use phones and tablets to communicate. However, it should not be that hard to include an email option. Our phones are beeping at us too much as it is. IMO, emails are easier to manage, e.g. file, print, transfer, sort, etc.

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See also: (link...)

See also: (link...)

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I also find it a little

I also find it a little creepy that after I finish a phone conversation or text message with someone, that an ad will pop up imediately on a website on the very subject that was mentioned during the conversation.

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