Apr 8 2007
01:25 pm

Blurb from an article in today's News-Sentinel:

Nicely in May 2006 commissioned a study by the engineering firm Wilbur Smith Associates to look at the feasibility of charging tolls on three potential routes. The study cost $453,000, said Julie Oaks, spokeswoman for TDOT.

Someone help me understand this. TDOT didn't spend $453,000 to determine if it's possible to charge tolls on roads in Tennessee, did it?

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yes, but...


Let's spread the credit for this around. Enjoy! not...

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You pay Rubber Stamp

You pay Rubber Stamp Associates the big bucks to avoid any surprising results. They have an awfully good track record for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever you wanted to do is by far the best way to do. . . whatever it was you wanted to do.

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Another possible case of

Another possible case of citizens being pushed off their land for private enterprise.

Adrift in the Sea of Humility

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Isn't this exactly what the *U.S.* Secretary of Transportation was pitching at the Planning conference?

At the time our entire table thought she hadn't tailored her message for the venue, but she was apparently better informed than we were. I wonder if she has a job lined up selling TDOT roads after the next election?

That's an hour of my life, I'll never get back but the dessert was good.


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Bush administration will leave a legacy of new toll roads across

I would like to see McCain give his viewpoint on this issue.

Article in Washington Post...

"They and other political appointees have spent the latter part of President Bush's two terms laboring behind the scenes to shrink the federal role in road-building and public transportation. They have also sought to turn highways into commodities that can be sold or leased to private firms and used by motorists for a price."


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