U.S. businesses with COVID-19 outbreaks are facing an emerging legal threat from claims that workers brought coronavirus home and infected relatives, which one risk analysis firm said could cost employers billions of dollars.

The cases borrow elements from “take home” asbestos litigation and avoid caps on liability for workplace injuries, exposing business to costly pain and suffering damages, even though the plaintiff never set foot on their premises.

'Take home' lawsuits over COVID infections could be costly for U.S. employers

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No doubt this will happen,

No doubt this will happen, and rightly so for employers who don't take reasonable precautions.

But what about employers who take reasonable precautions and still get cases? More than likely employees engaged in risky behavior outside work and brought it into the workplace. Too bad there's no way to hold those employees responsible.

I've been saying for a while that if an infection could be dna traced back to the spreader with attendant liability everybody would wear a damn mask and socially distance and all the other things.

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Don't discount for juries.

People in a room are sometimes maybe smarter than you give them credit for.

#peopleelectalphastogetitoverwith #sometimesitdoesntworkout

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