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A University of California Study showed Tennesseans were the second most likely behind Texans to share fake Russian posts on social media.

Study finds Tennesseans are 2nd most likely to share fake Russian posts

Analyzing the Digital Traces of Political Manipulation: The 2016 Russian Interference Twitter Campaign

Tennesseans and Trump

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It appears to me the analysis

It appears to me the analysis was done on Twitter posts.

Twitter users can choose to report their location in their profile.
Most of the self-reported locations of accounts associated with
Russian trolls were within the U.S. (some provided Russian locations
in their profile), and most of the tweets were from users who are based in Tennessee and Texas, 49,277 and 26,489 respectively

Russian trolls were retweeted 83,719 times, but most of these
retweets were for three troll accounts only: ‘TEN_GOP’, 49,286;
‘Pamela_Moore13’, 16,532; and ‘TheFoundingSon’, 8,755, in total
making over 89% of the times Russian trolls were retweeted. Russian
trolls were retweeted by 40,224 distinct users.

Doesn't this make Tennessee number one?

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