Jul 19 2006
12:15 pm
By: Andy Axel

Sullivan County Commissioner Sam Jones is incommunicado in Lebanon, and I don't mean Lebanon, Tennessee.

KINGSPORT, Tenn. — Friends are waiting to hear from a Sullivan County commissioner and his family who were visiting Lebanon when bombings between Israel and Hezbollah escalated to the worst fighting in 24 years.

Commissioner Sam Jones has been visiting family in Lebanon since July 7. He had communicated regularly with friend Teresa Hall by e-mail, but Hall said she had not received a message from him since early Friday.

Sincerest wishes for a safe return for Comm. Jones, his family, and anyone else wanting to flee that terrible situation.

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Over on KnoxBlab, a guy has

Over on KnoxBlab, a guy has a friend whose wife and kids were stranded. Jimmy Duncan got involved and they are scheduled to get out today.


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The few times I have

The few times I have traveled abroad, I made sure I always had three things: an American Express card, my passport, and the address of the nearest U.S. Embassy.

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I wonder if...

Maybe the State Dept. can start offering "repatriation vouchers."

(What does same-day transport from Beirut to Cyprus cost, anyway?)


"The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco." -- G.K.

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State Department Travel Warning for Lebanon was issued May 12

While I trust all Americans can be safely removed from Lebanon, the State Department did post a travel warning on May 12 which most prudent worldwide travelers should heed or otherwise take necessary precautions. Those trips were taken at their own risk and on their own volition.

Granted the United States needs to take reasonable efforts to remove those Americans which would like to be removed, I'd like to see one of those folks on the boat say thank you and quit carping about how long it took to get them out anyway, since the United States can't play worldwide AAA when folks get stuck in a war zone that they were cautioned on anyway.

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Or get caught under failed levees

Or when folks get stuck in an American city behind failed levees, right?


"The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco." -- G.K.

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What Part of "Evacuate the City of New Orleans" did they not get

When local, state, and federal authorities, including the President come on the television and tell you a Category 5 storm is headed to your city and to leave a go to higher ground, a specific number of people need to heed the warning a git, or face the peril of riding the storm out. The federal government can't tend to every American's every need. It doesn't work that way.

When an American citizen leaves the borders of the United States, he also relenquishes the protection afforded within his own borders and cannot expect the federal government to get him out of a set of circumstances when the Government has no authority, limited if any resources, and creates significant risks to those individuals assigned to the task of ferrying the Americans out of the war zone. It doesn't work that way.

When you give a Rebel yell and start singing Rocky Top in the Swamp, don't look for a KPD officer to slow the flow of cups filled with urine coming toward your head. It doesn't work that way.

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What part did N.O. not get?

What part did they not get?

For many it was the part about being physically, mentally, financially, and/or resource-capable (cars, boats, roads, etc.) of leaving.

How long should it have taken the federal government to at least chopper in some pallets of water and other vital supplies?


Never has the left been so right.

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Long enough...

How long should it have taken the federal government to at least chopper in some pallets of water and other vital supplies?

Long enough for the President to pose for a series of photo ops, apparently.

(No, no, NO! The light was bad on that last take! More gravitas!)


"The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco." -- G.K.

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Worked in Saudi in the late 90's and learned that the Embassy can be a god send. Not only were they there when I got into a traffic accident, they held regular events where Frosty Beverages were served, and no, the second didn't preceed the first. The consulate in Jeddah also broadcast (with very limited range) an American style radio signal with news and entertainment.

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