Nov 22 2023
06:56 am

FDA warns consumers not to purchase or use certain eye drops from several major brands due to risk of eye infection

Recalled eye drop brands include:
CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Leader, Rugby, Velocity and Walmart (Equate)

From CBS News, "Bloomberg News reported that Kilitch produced the eye drops in an unsanitary factory in India where some workers went barefoot and others made up test results that purported to show the products were sterile."

From the New York Times, "Two brands of eyedrops were pulled from shelves in January and February after they were linked to a drug-resistant bacteria strain that has been found to have caused at least four deaths and serious health issues in several others. Weeks later, two other types of eyedrops were recalled because they posed a different kind of contamination risk."

It seems a little scary to buy store brands of medicines. I used to think the name brand manufacturers provided the store brand products. Apparently not so.

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