May 29 2015
11:51 am

Maryville Daily Times weekend editor Steve Wildsmith has got to be the hardest working man in journalism.

This week's Weekend section has nine articles with Steve's byline, comprising 8722 words. He does this week in, week out, every week of the year. He also has a regular column on addiction and recovery, which is another 900 words or so (and outstanding), and an occasional feature. Plus I'm pretty sure he does the Daily Times' extensive entertainment calendar, along with sidebars about some of the artists.

(For a sampling of his work, see the Daily Times Entertainment section online.)

Every week I flip through the Weekend section, and it's Steve Wildsmith, Steve Wildsmith, Steve Wildsmith, oh, and there's Steve Wildsmith again. I'm constantly amazed.

In this week's edition, he has an opinion column plus interviews with a national touring act, local bands, a local artist, the Hard Knox Roller Girls and more.

And these are real interviews, not recycled press releases or hype cribbed from websites. He actually talks to people and gets insightful commentary about what they're up to, where they've been, and where they're going personally and artistically. And he's an excellent writer.

Dude is a superstar. I don't know how he does it. Hope they are paying him enough, because they'd have to hire four or five people to replace him. He's also a super nice guy if you ever get a chance to meet him.

Wildsmith's picture

Aw, man

Thanks so much, Randy. You're too kind. I'm just grateful for the opportunity to tell stories about the tremendously creative and artistic souls that abound in this area.

AC's picture

It's TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne Bledsoe's picture


And he's slippery, too! Every time I send someone to Maryville break his fingers he either escapes or types with his toes.

Blank's picture

Various restraining orders

You said it WanYe. I've been trying to pin him down for that full body message he promised me at the last Waynestock meeting to no avail.

R. Atkinson's picture

Steve W.

Steve IS the Weekend Section and we are SO fortunate to have him. Glad to see him get the recognition he deserves. Though it's a thankless job as being a writer is, our community does love him and would be lost without him, but don't tell him that.

yellowdog's picture

And his politics are much needed

Steve also risks local wrath by clearly articulating a decidedly progressive analysis of public policy struggles. He is especially clear about bigotry and self-righteous posturing.

It is important for people who agree with him to say so to his employer, since the "others" do not hesitate to demand that he be fired.

jemknox's picture

wildsmith rox

Steve interviewed me for a project and asked such good questions....things I had to think about. It felt less like an interview than a really good conversation. We artsy types appreciate him!

j.f.m.'s picture

Steve is smart, sincere,

Steve is smart, sincere, curious and honest -- and a very fine writer, too. Add all that to being a fundamentally decent and caring guy, who gives a tremendous amount of time and energy to building and sustaining a sense of community, and you've got a great journalist and a real local treasure.

(Much respect also to Wayne, Rusty and MTE -- all these guys do their own things in their own ways, and I'm thankful for all of them. A local arts scene needs a lot of support to thrive, and all of them contribute to that in significant ways.)

Dave Gorman's picture

Steve's personal story of

Steve's personal story of challenges and struggles already marked him as a good guy to me. The fact that he is a good journalist who finds ways to get new and interesting angles in his stories makes him a good (and necessary) read.

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