A day after a top official in Gov. Bill Lee's administration said Tennessee plans to withhold the number of COVID-19 cases in schools from the public, a spokesperson said the information will not even be collected by the state.

When Lee announced guidance for school reopenings on Tuesday, state Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey said Tennessee had no plans to provide the public with data on the number of coronavirus cases and deaths at schools as many return to in-person classes.

State won't collect, release data on coronavirus cases in Tennessee schools

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I don't understand why this

I don't understand why this data is not important to the state. Will each county retain the data and report on it? The media's job gets harder.

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Lee said opening schools is

Lee said opening schools is an "experiment."

Not surprisingly, he doesn't know that "experiments" involve observing, collecting and analyzing data.

Even worse, he thinks kids, teachers and their collective families are expendable lab rats.

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While I believe schools

While I believe schools should open with great caution, data needs to be collected to make changes with facts and not SWAGS! If the state is not going to collect data, then schools should remain closed!

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There is no way schools can

There is no way schools can safely open at this time. For our leaders to allow schools to open at this time is irresponsible and a huge mistake. Politicians should be listening to the doctors and scientists and other healthcare professionals that know best.

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They're not using data now

They're not using data now to inform their decisions. Why should they collect and disseminate school disease data going forward? What will they use it for? If they think the "experiment" will turn out great isn't it a good idea to tell that story - with real data?

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Washing data

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They know exactly what they're doing


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Push kids, teachers & their families into the meat grinder

and black hole whatever comes out the other side. Predictable. Criminal.

Think about this:
Knox county has 199 cases per 100k residents over the last 7 days. Over the same time period the state has 227 cases per 100k over the last seven days.

For comparison with some EU spots, for their alarm threshold in Belgium the number of cases per 100k over a 7 day period is, wait for it....

eu vs us cases.JPG

20 cases per 100k.

In Germany it is 50. Orders of magnitude difference both in metrics and in public health policy.

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"Knox county has 199 cases

"Knox county has 199 cases per 100k residents over the last 7 days. Over the same time period the state has 227 cases per 100k over the last seven days."

Big range in Tennessee counties, 682 per 100,000 in Haywood County, 59 in Pickett.

Haywood County is west of Jackson, where Brownsville is located. Pickett County is north of Cookeville, on the Kentucky border.

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The lawyer's facebook page

The lawyer's facebook page (link...)

Got licensed earlier this year (link...)

Passed the Bar in Feb., admitted Jun. (link...)

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