Jan 25 2006
10:06 am

The South Knoxville and Seymour Times announced the upcoming South Knoxville Senior Center. Knox County Commissioner Paul Pinkston contributed the article. The center is planned near the intersection of Maryville Pike and John Sevier Hwy. Not a great location, but better than the originally planned location next to the Howard Pinkston Branch of the Knox County Library on Martin Mill Pike. Construction should start May, 2006, and should be completed in November, 2006.

Outdated Knox County information:


I applaud this effort and hope it succeeds.

R. Neal's picture

Yeah, and the article also

Yeah, and the article also said that Jimmy Duncan got Free Federal Funding to add a swimming pool. I wonder if that was earmarked in the Defense Budget or a foreign aid bill of some kind?

But seriously, that's why Jimmy Duncan is so popular. He takes care of his constituents and brings home the bacon for East Tennessee.

And you're right. The new South Knox Senior Center will be a great asset for South Knoxville (even though it's in the county where there isn't any public transportation).

I'm just curious why I never heard anything about it. (Mom says it's because I don't subscribe to the South Knoxville and Seymour Times. Maybe I'll have to rectify that.) Anyway, happy to hear about it now!

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I'm just curious why I never

I'm just curious why I never heard anything about it.

Because those RFP notices are hidden in the newspaper among the notices for yard sales and free kittens.

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I'm not so sure about no

I'm not so sure about no public trans in south Knox county.East Tennessee Human Resources Agency runs a small bus past my place twice a day M-F. I also have no idea who is eligible to hitch a ride with ETHRA. Hopefully, it will be seniors that need to get to the place. Oh, and they'll need to put up some traffic signals. It's like a two-lane Alcoa Highway there.f

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That's a good point on

That's a good point on ETHRA, etc. My point was there is no regularly scheduled KTRANS (or whatever they call it these days) service out there.

There are fee-based services available in the County (and the City, because it's in the County) for the homebound and disabled. The Mrs. just recently did a lot of research on same for a developing family situation.

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Wouldn't it be better to

Wouldn't it be better to have the center on Martin Mill Pike rather than out in the county? My grandmother used to work at O'Connor, and many of the seniors got there on KAT. I don't see how being out near J.S. Highway is going to be any sort of advantage for seniors in South Knoxville.

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I thought that, too. But the

I thought that, too. But the Martin Mill Pike they were talking about was, I believe, out off Tipton Station near the Bonny Kate school, i.e. way out in the middle of nowhere and there's no KAT service out there, either. The J.S. location is a little better, but my guess is it isn't centrally located to the South Knox senior population in general.

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Oh, out there near SDHS and

Oh, out there near SDHS and Woodhaven, where the myriad elderly people live. Heh.

Surely there is a better location in town. Of course, I haven't been in South Knoxville in several years, so maybe I'm missing something.

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Maybe this will motivate KAT

Maybe this will motivate KAT to start a new route on Maryville Pike. If it ran to the county line, Captain Jack's would be the end of the line. That seems about right.

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Does KAT operate in the

Does KAT operate in the County?

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KAT does have some routes

KAT does have some routes that run outside the city. The express to Farragut comes to mind.

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