Jun 24 2021
10:29 am

The Court South (National Fitness) facility on Alcoa Highway closed in March, 2021.

All the road construction was hard on the business. Then the pandemic finalized the closure.

I just found out while checking to see if the outdoor pool was open.

They tried to stay open. Just too many things against them.

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Good riddance to horrible neighbors

The surrounding neighborhood finally has some peace from the pool's music system after a more than 15 year battle to keep down the business's sound level. It was totally unnecessary and this nuisance noise was easily fixable, but the people in charge there were total jerks to deal with.

It took all this to finally silence the place.

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Did know about the sound

Did know about the sound blasting. We thought about getting a pool membership a while back, but then Covid. The noise wouldn't have been very relaxing.

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Is this common to fitness

Is this common to fitness centers? I know the downtown Y had music blasting from some of the exercise areas, and occasionally from the swimming pool as well. It seems some of the fitness coaches think loud music energizes exercise.

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Haven't been to a fitness

Haven't been to a fitness center in many years. Back when I went to the pool at Court South before it was Court South there was a juke box that we thoroughly enjoyed. However there were not speakers loud enough to bother residents in Martha Washington Heights.

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The music there may not have

The music there may not have seemed all that loud right at the pool. But the way the speakers were so stupidly and poorly set up, the noise carried for many blocks into our 'hood. Employees who answered the phone were evasive when we requested it be turned down. They would mostly claim the volume was always the same (it wasn't), the pool was a separate business out of their control, or that they otherwise didn't have authority. But sometimes they would actually comply, which further proved the other times were just BS.

We had many meetings and discussions with management about fixing their speaker system so it didn't project into the adjacent neighborhoods. They finally made minor modifications a few years later, but we'd occasionally still hear crappy music wafting through the neighborhood, even though we were relieved it was usually much less loud.

The only reason they finally made some small changes that improved the situation was thanks to Grant Rosenberg, a wonderful (now former, I think) county employee who wasn't afraid to assert his weight with management of the pool. I think he told them they would face fines if they didn't trim their nuisance noise. All they needed to do was take the speakers off their extensions and maybe move them to another spot. Easy peasy, but those people were cheap, obstinate, and preferred to be jerks rather than responsible and decent.

There were also employees who would stay late sometimes and crank it up, probably for their own personal afterwork party. And there were times the pool was rented out for private parties, when it could be like a concert. Lots of other things like that.

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