A member of the Knoxville-Knox County Reopening Task Force fired off a scathing email earlier this week to Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs' office, telling officials to butt out of the committee's work on the coronavirus pandemic.

SoKno Taco manager to county: 'Shut up' and keep politics out of coronavirus decisions

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I was out today.

And spent a bit of time in South Knoxville. I stopped by Fort Dickerson and looked out over the quarry. That was the first time I'd been there. I have no idea what's normal or warranted. It was interesting.

I stopped by Alladin's Cafe. I wanted to call in an order but their phone line was busy for like, a half an hour. They're at Wesley Road on the west side of Bearden Hill, at the far end of the shopping center where Jack Walker's used to be. Well, I was getting gas at Weigels and I was irritated, but I hadn't been there and , hell, I know what the guidelines are, I figured I could tell whether or not I felt comfortable there. It was real clean. I liked that. What I liked most, perversely, is that it looked like he hadn't adjusted totally to the situation, a couple little things, and that clean was just a function of how he runs his restaurant. And the steak in a sack is better than what I had on Central, his old spot. In fact, the only steak-in-a-sack I've ever had that compares, is Ali-Baba's. Alladin's is serving the steak-in a-sack that brought most of the county to Ali-Baba's. Probably the best in the world. So I left, pretty happy.

Then I went east, on the Pike. Checked out the way people were running things. Gonna find out whose naughty and nice, you know? Ultimately, when it's your ass on the line, you want to know whose going to throw you under the bus. So I checked it out. When someone shows you what they are, believe them. Make your decisions accordingly. Our present situation should make you wonder and consider things you never wondered or considered before. So wonder about, and consider them. Don't hesitate to make changes. It's your ass and you can't make a difference dead or with a ventilator shoved down your throat. Now is a good time to drive around and observe.

After that I headed east and jumped on Cherokee Boulevard off Noelten.This is a good spot for couples and solitude. There is a boat/kayak launch. Someone was sailing. It was pretty cool. Spacing is easily kept at twenty feet.

Then I hit Neyland and drove by Calhouns. It looked like they had enough customers to stay in business. Drove down to the boat launch where the rowing club rows out of, under the South Knoxville Bridge, and it was PACKED. As in, the parking lot was full. Boat people, and, no sh*t, a guy in a camper. I was glad I didn't decide to kayak out of there. Too much going on.

Then I had the grand interstate adventure because I tried to invent in my head an exit that wasn't there and I ended up coming around from Western Ave. I like the way Scott West is approaching the re-opening, so I was curious about parking. So I scouted it out. I get off work at 10:00 p.m. That's what forty-two years of seniority gets you at my company. We'll see how it goes.

I jumped over the river on Gay Street and headed east on Sevier.Both South Coast and Trailhead were busy, but from what I could see , compliant. Went to Island Home to check on the boat ramp. It needed work last year. The water was way up and moving. It was full, but not overflowing with people. Ijams parking was more than half full at 5:30. Crowding was not an issue near the entrance. Ijiams quarry was packed. Had I been inclined to get out of my truck, I would have been hesitant to do so.

So I headed on over to Fort Dickerson. With the trees growing back, it gets harder and harder to visualize the battle. The parking lot was lees than full and people were spaced out. I like 25 ft. spacing, because at that point, I feel masks are optional. That standard seemed to come in play. So I went to the overlook and looked down on the quarry for the first time. There were, what I thought, lots of people doing the quarry. A kind gentleman gave me instructions to find the quarry entrance and I found it. I'm not sure what to think. It looked like they did a good job building the entrance to me. I decided to go to SoKno Taco to see what that guy's issue was.

Looked to me like his issue was that Mayor Jacobs was jacking all the businesses around and this SoKno Taco guy was busting his ass to make things work and he was tired of getting jacked around. He had spacing, masks, sanitized pens at checkout, a staff that knew the rules and was going to play by them, and a business plan that would be predictive of success. All he needed was ethics and consistency from his government and he wasn't getting it. That is my no interview, just skulking around take on things.

Which, oddly enough, mirrors the issues those of us on the other side of the fence have with the county's governing style.

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