Feb 26 2019
06:50 am

The Kern's Bakery property was purchased for redevelopment in 2015. Then, it was sold in 2017 to another development company.

Now, in 2019, there are plans from a third group to redevelop the property.

Representatives from Johnson Architecture (Knoxville), Mallory & Evans Development (of Scottsdale, Ga., an Atlanta suburb) and Fulghum MacIndoe & Associates (Knoxville) gave a presentation to the Old Sevier Community Group last Thursday at South Knoxville Elementary School.

The first phase of the development will be two five-story apartment buildings (with elevators!) on the back of the seven-acre site. (Not student oriented.)
The bakery building is expected to be populated by restaurants, retail and offices.
We’re also planning an outdoor lawn area that has a stage where it could be kind of similar to Market Square where there are concerts and events and markets and all those kinds of things.

Sounds like there will not be an Aubrey's after all.

Back in 2017, I noted, "Many of us look forward to the completion of this project." Now I'll say many of us look forward to the start of this project that is not apartments.

mudcop1's picture

This is better, I think.

Speaking as a SoKno resident, I actually like this idea better. If there are more,um, shall we say, interesting, restaurants than Aubrey's, I think that would be good for SoKno. For all the redevelopment we've had (cough gentrification cough) there hasn't really been an explosion of new restaurants. I also like the outdoor public space idea. We'll see if it comes to fruition.

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Ah, yes, but lots of beer. :)

Ah, yes, but lots of beer. :)

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Well, there is that.

Well, there is that.

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South Coast Pizza

I like what Chris is doing with South Coast Pizza. I also like that he's opening and taking input on his varying projects rather than waiting for investors. Looks like he's letting customers drive the business.

Plus, their pizza is unique and I like it about as well as anywhere I can think of.

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