Jun 10 2019
08:39 am

A shooting occurred at a club on Maryville Pike in South Knoxville. This is the same club that was shutdown in 2017 for repeated shootings and violence. How is it this place was allowed to open? I guess they waited long enough, paid their dues? What does it take to keep out the criminal element?

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The DA uses too much hearsay

The DA uses too much hearsay and jumps to close before evidence is gathered. Lack of good evidence usually allows the hell holes to reopen. Please read the story, it says shooting was NEAR the nightclub. Give police time to prove the fight started IN the club.
A good example of an unfair closing occurred years ago at the market located at Schofield and Kieth. The owner had called the police numerous times about drug dealing in the vacant building across from his business. The DA closed his business due to the numerous service calls.
If the DA can close a business based on the number of service call, as they have done many times. Why is WalMart not closed since most of their stores have hundreds of police service calls every year. Should convenient stores be closed based on the number of times they have been robbed?
When the DA does her job with stronger evidence, most likely the judge will keep it closed.

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