Feb 8 2014
07:27 am

Let the games begin!

The Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony was yesterday. The parts I watched were quite fascinating. There is controversy about the games being held in Russia where there are lingering human rights issues. There are quite a few complaints about the hotels for journalists, non-competitors, etc.

A writer noted, it is time to end Sochi bashing and let the games begin. Another writer, having lived in Russia, says, "You don't go to Russia expecting everything to go right. You go expecting things to go wrong and to end up having an unforgettable adventure."

Huffington Post Sochi Olympics
CNN Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremonies

There are a record 88 nations involved in the Sochi Olympics bringing thousands of athletes. Good luck to them all.

Anonymous1's picture

Russia has vastly changed

Russia has vastly changed since it was the USSR. Mostly for the better I think, in comparison to what it was. It's far from perfect, and neither are we. I hope they benefit from having the games there.

CE Petro's picture

Some other company needs to step up

Let me start off saying, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the winter Olympics. The winter sports are far more engaging (to me). While I agree there are human rights issues, stray dog killing issues, and a whole host of other political issues, I don't watch the winter Olympic games for political reasons.

Did you know that NBC edited out part of IOC President's speech that the games are about UNITY and not POLITICS? Guess that was on purpose since the NBC bobble-heads kept bringing politics into their coverage.

That said, NBC's coverage of the opening ceremonies was horrible. The music was so loud that you could not hear what the announcers were saying. Then, during the musical parts of the program, trying to watch the incredible sets and the actual program, the stupid announcers would not STFU! Seriously, it was like sitting in the theater and the idiot behind you kept talking through the show.

NBC's Facebook page is loaded with the same complaints.

Oh, and according to other complaints on NBC's FB page, if you aren't a cable subscriber you can't stream the games online. Not sure about that, so I'm wondering if that's true?

Look, I understand NBC wanting to optimize viewership for the opening ceremonies, and wait until prime time, but, the Opening ceremonies should have been broadcast in real time. Only in America did viewers have to wait to see the opening ceremonies.

Knoxgal's picture

Prime Time Please

Personally, I'm glad they waited until prime time. Otherwise I wouldn't have seen them.

michael kaplan's picture

I was living outside the US

I was living outside the US in 1980 and watched the Moscow Summer Olympics in its entirety. It was in real time (no tape assemblage) and didn't have a single commercial or endorsement. The US didn't participate - as a protest against the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan.

The next summer games will be interesting: Brazil hosts, and it will be the first Olympics held in South America.

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I woke up early this morning to catch some of the games on nbcsn, knowing that I would be in and out during the day and not be able to catch much. When I did get back home a little after 4pm, I tuned into nbc to watch more of the games only to find that the 4-6pm and now the prime time parts are nothing but REPLAYS of this morning.

I remember when the Olympic games were on tv almost all day for 2 weeks. The replays and highlights came at 11pm.

Highly disappointed, because there were many other events that took place today (seriously, not showing skeleton or hockey?!) and are not being shown. searching for way to stream the olympics not through nbc. #nbcolympicfail

Michael, hopefully NBC doesn't have the contract to cover the games in Rio.

michael kaplan's picture

And if not NBC, surely CBS or

And if not NBC, surely CBS or ABC.

I've heard of people watching raw video directly from the satellite. Surely some entity is streaming this ..

Knoxoasis's picture

Don't have any links to offer

Don't have any links to offer (I'm on my first coffee) but I believe NBC has an app that will let you watch real time.

R. Neal's picture

I believe their apps and web

I believe their apps and web coverage require you to be a cable or satellite subscriber.

B Harmon's picture

Ugly team sweaters

I am astonished that Ralph Lauren designed those awful team sweaters. They look like something worn by Tea Party enthusiasts.


michael kaplan's picture

sorta goes with the U-S-A!

sorta goes with the U-S-A! U-S-A!

Sandy's picture

I found a free app for ipad

I found a free app for ipad that is pretty easy to use, seems to only require watching a 15 second ad at the beginning of each video.

Andy Axel's picture

USA Women's Hockey

are on a greased rail to the gold.

12 goals for, 1 goal against in 2 games.

9-0 win earlier today against the Swiss.

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