Jan 29 2006
03:37 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

A quick update on a couple of site changes you may or may not have noticed.

At the top of the front page, you will now see a summary of the most recent activity. This will be either new posts, or posts with new comments. That way, active posts with new comments float to the top of the list.

Second, I installed a new version of the 'rich text editor' used for posts and comments. Among other things, it has a spell checker capability for MS Internet Explorer. You have to download and install IE Spell for it to work. I did. It's free for personal use, looks harmless, and works great. (It also installs on your IE toolbar for spell checking any input text box on any website, which is pretty nice and works better than Google's plugin in my opinion.) The new editor also has an icon to insert a <!--break--> tag in your blog post to separate the front page intro/teaser from the main body of the full post. If you are not seeing these new features or are getting error messages, you may need to flush your cache to get rid of the old editor settings.

I also turned off user pictures ("avatars") on the front page to reduce clutter and to eliminate some formatting issues with another module I'm testing. Avatars will still appear on comments and on your user profile.

A new "theme" was installed for forums to make them look more like forums. Not sure if this is worth the effort because the forums aren't being used much, but there you go.

OK, then.

SayUncle's picture

In firefox, all the posts

In firefox, all the posts are to the far right of the top graphic. 


--- SayUncle Can't we all just get a long gun?

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Hmm, was it doing that

Hmm, was it doing that before, and is it fixed now?

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 All better --- SayUncle

 All better

--- SayUncle Can't we all just get a long gun?

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