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Let them own it.

Publicize that Sevier County advocates open carry at Dollywood and all their other tourist attractions and that gays and minorities aren't welcome. Use it as a marketing strategy and let the free market take its course.

Knox County should the fast track hotels for the protesters, who also have the right to be armed.

I want the popcorn concession.

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terrorizing queer people and PoC really isn't a funny joke

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I wasn't joking.

The only way to clean up a county commission like this one is a clean sweep. Let them deal with the boycotts and the loss of revenue and see if they can still get re-elected.

I think you underestimate "queer" people. I think they can organize and handle this guy just fine. I think they are the best hope for Sevier County.


Like this. Punch'em in the wallet.

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first, you are speaking to a """queer""" person from sevier county, not sure i care too much for your tossing that word back to me in quotes & giving me your estimation of my estimation of queer people.

punch them in the wallet? sure, nothing wrong with boycotts and pressure! it is a tactic particularly suited to this scenario, though there are limits to effectiveness

your hyperbole supposing that the threat should be played up in ways that are not even true (open carry at dollywood, queer people and PoC are not welcome at tourist attractions) is not even funny as joke / hyperbole, taken seriously as a tactic it is the idea that queer people and PoC should be made even more terrorized than they already are

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Wasn't trying to offend.

I just got back from a vacation in Provincetown, Ma. and had the pleasure of seeing just how a community can be run with the input of the LGBTQ community. I certainly view this particular community as equals and , based on what I saw, felt that they didn't need my help, just my support. I will support any boycott of Sevier County and until this situation is rectified will not do business in Sevier County. I'm sorry you are being terrorized and persecuted, but I assure you, that was not my intent.

FWIW, differing senses of humor and social tactics do not have to create adversarial relationships. I feel like I should be given the freedom to judge an individual as an individual just as strongly as you feel I should recognize your feelings for being a part of a group.

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we're good!

we're good!

like i said, boycott is an appropriate tactic but even in this case i do not think it guarantees success (loss of commission seat by resignation or electoral defeat). same goes for physically "taking over" the next commission meeting, which i will participate in if available

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“a white male in this country

“a white male in this country has very few rights, and they’re getting took more every day.”

Looks to me that Sevier County Commission has plenty of white guys running the county.

Sara Thompson, the chair for the Sevier County democrats, walked out of the meeting after responding with, "Excuse me" "This is not professional. This is [expletive]."

Good for her.

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From the Washington

From the Washington Post,

"State Rep. Gloria Johnson (D), whose Knox County district is 30 miles west of Sevier County, said Hurst should resign from the commission."
“It’s so frustrating because they rely a lot on tourists. It’s such a welcoming, wonderful place,” Johnson said in an interview. “But then you’ve got those elected officials there that are making statements like that, and the reality is, they represent everyone in the county — including the LGBTQ community. To lash out at their constituents like that is ridiculous.”

Johnson called Hurst “wrong and ignorant” and said she was perturbed to see others laughing and clapping when he spoke.

“That should not be who we are; it’s frightening,” she added. “Someone said ‘Amen’ as if he was preaching a sermon. It’s all unacceptable, and we’ve got to do better.”

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Silence from most Republicans

Haven't seen many local politicians strongly denounce the rhetoric or comments. Just the occasional statement saying "we are all open and welcoming", but nobody saying that talk like that has no place in this area of the country.

The agreement and laughter while Hurst was making his comments was even more disturbing.

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Tennessee and shootin' stuff

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Bigots are everywhere. But

Bigots are everywhere. But hearing one in your own backyard is always depressing.

BTW, by my count there are 25 members of Sevier County Commission. One is female. Poor, poor, powerless males.

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Many Democrats in Sevier

Many Democrats in Sevier County keep their political affiliation private out of fear, Thompson said

The primary focus of Monday’s monthly meeting was the resolution to make Sevier a Second Amendment sanctuary — which means legislators will refuse to enforce laws they believe will infringe on the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. It passed in a unanimous vote.

Local lawmaker in Tennessee says he’s not prejudiced, but ‘a white male in this country has very few rights’

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