Jun 13 2017
05:55 pm

"I can't answer any questions about why I can't answer any questions and besides I don't recall anything about whatever you are asking about but even if I did I couldn't answer. Also, it is all scurrilous lies. That much I do recall. But I can't answer why I might or might not recall that because I can't answer any questions about these questions."

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Russians? It depends on what

Russians? It depends on what the definition of "Russians" is.

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It appears that the only

It appears that the only people in America who don't know the Russians hacked our election are members of the Trump administration...the actual beneficiaries of the Russian hacking.

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My new hero

Classic perjury trap:

I would definitely not want her prosecuting me. I would absolutey hire her for my defense in a New York minute. I would love to hear her closing argument based on those answers if this were a trial.

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Boy, for the head of the DOJ,

Boy, for the head of the DOJ, he sure doesn't know a lot about the law, does he?

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Rock Star on the rise!

Rock Star on the rise!

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Damn Gurl!! I don't know the

Damn Gurl!!

I don't know the protocol for Senate committee hearings but she should have closed with a "Let the record show that the weaselly little shitstain has evaded answering the question as asked."

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Sen. Kamala Harris Again Interrupted by Male Colleagues

Vote, run for office, campaign

A few hours after the hearing was over, Harris tweeted, "The women of the United States Senate will not be silenced when seeking the truth," along with a link to a fundraising page for female senators.

Sen. Kamala Harris Again Interrupted by Male Colleagues

Once again, senators cut off Harris as she rails on Sessions

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Yes, Sen. Harris got down to brass tacks. She asked Sessions to cite this policy he referred to only nebulously. Such a policy, if it exists, bears a title and likely some kind of numeric identifier, too. Sessions should have had at least that policy title and that policy identifier at his elbow, if not a copy of the policy itself, since he planned to rely on it to evade the committee's questions.

He could not even identify such a policy, much less produce it in printed form for the committee.

I only regret that Sen. Harris smiled at Sessions when she ran out of time. There was nothing funny or charming about his evasiveness, so her glower would have been more appropriate.

I hope other committee members will follow her example for staying on point. And I hope she doesn't relent in her insistence that a policy be produced to substantiate why Sessions thought he was free to blow smoke up the collective ass of this committee.

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Don't think she was smiling

Don't think she was smiling because she thought he was charming. She was smiling because they both knew she nailed him on cross-examination.

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I didn't hear anyone tell Sessions that he needed to copy the committee with this policy in X period of time? If they didn't, they absolutely should have--and possibly still can/will.

Sessions' failure to produce any such policy should cost him a contempt of Congress penalty, with appropriate fine and jail time.

I'm tired of this shit. You?

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If I was king of TPM or TYT

If I was king of TPM or TYT or some other media org that cared about truth, I would have my minions combing through recordings of every Senate hearing that Shitstain participated in as a Senator so as to drag out every roughly or closely analogous situation I could find.

That little weaselly bastard is unAmerican and Gawdawful fond of the taste of Trumpass.

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