Feb 12 2014
12:33 pm

Sen. Kelsey introduces 'Turn The Gays Away' Bill

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (FOX13) - A new bill was recently introduced in the Tennessee State Legislature that, if passed, would allow people and businesses to refuse to provide goods and services to homosexuals.

It was filed by State Sen. Brian Kelsey, who represents Memphis and Germantown.

Read Tennessee Senate Bill 2566. (Status...)

Tamara Shepherd's picture


What kind of business would purposefully seek to narrow its customer base?

The problem with purposefully turning away customers isn't that there may not be any protection in law for doing it, the problem is that it isn't very profitable.


R. Neal's picture

What kind of business would

What kind of business would purposefully seek to narrow its customer base?

Maybe this guy?

Oklahoma restaurant owner comes under fire because he doesn't 'want gays around’

Hilarity ensues on Yelp...

Rachel's picture

Completely unconstitutional.

Completely unconstitutional. Waste of time, which is something the legislature seems to be good at.

And before somebody screams "but Martha Boggs discriminated against Stacey Campfield!", she didn't throw him out because he was white, or a ginger, or a male, or from NY. She threw him out because she found HIM repulsive and disruptive.

That doesn't meet the legal def. of discrimination.

Tamara Shepherd's picture


Two distinctions to be made WRT Martha's business decision:

1. She didn't discriminate against any class of people, just one.

2. Her business decision was profitable.

No shoes, no sense, no service.

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Danny's picture

That explanation sets the

That explanation sets the record for amazing.

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Kelsey is

Roy Cohn 2.0.

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He's Campfield's west end

He's Campfield's west end doppelganger.

LeftWingCracker's picture

True enough

And, sadly, even though I live in Midtown and he lives in Germantown, I got gerrymandered into his district.

Min's picture


He's just the poster boy for straight white male privilege.

Min's picture

I'm talking about Kelsey.

I'm talking about Kelsey.

rog's picture

the only thing we learn from history...

The Right has always felt cheated it couldn't have its Kristallnact; this is a step in the direction of righting that.

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These Republichristians are

These Republichristians are making a lot of headway toward turning Tennessee into a third-world country. The lynch mobs will probably follow soon.

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Gay is the new black.

Gay is the new black.

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If he left out "persons," and referred to only religious organizations, it would be probably pass constitutional muster.

While I agree with Tamara that this is a really bad business idea, many private religious schools are doing this very thing (and, yes, being fought in the courts as being unconstitutional).

But, we have had other "religious conscientious" objection laws, that have "passed" constitutional muster. Namely doctors and pharmacists not dispensing birth control or morning after pills (prior to supposedly being available OTC) based on their "religious objections."

It seems to me that Kelsey's bill is just an extension of that. While I find it completely sickening, it's also seems to be par for the course of the rwnj's. I don't find that it really differs from other "religious objections" laws. All of which, I find specious.

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So, guess which other bigot

So, guess which other bigot has his name on this bill.

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Mike Cohen's picture

Gay Away bill

Horrible, horrible bill. Embarrassing.

Mello's picture

I am not defending this horrible bill but-

after reading the actual bill I believe it narrows the hatred down specifically to weddings, anniversaries and partnership benefits including marriage counseling and adoption.

  1. No person or religious or denominational organization shall be
    required to perform any of the following actions related to, or related to the
    celebration of, any civil union, domestic partnership, or marriage not recognized by this state,

Yes, it is a gateway drug to bigotry.

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Kelsey no longer sponsoring

Kelsey no longer sponsoring the bill. Sen. Mike Bell, R-Riceville, is now the sponsor. Riceville is just north of Cleveland, TN, in our neck of the woods.

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That's very interesting.

I wonder why Kelsey backed out.

R. Neal's picture

Didn't want to get the

Didn't want to get the Colbert treatment?

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Or his perfectly WASPy world

Or his perfectly WASPy world was rocked by somebody close him saying; “You know, it’s me you’re hatin’ on.”

Say what you want about the Left/Right echo chambers, the Left’s at least has some diversity. I hate to think these bigots really don’t understand the plight of others, but I do. Seems some are that insulated from the real world.

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Who exactly are the mole people?

Anti-Gay Jim Crow Comes to Kansas

To put this simply, the Kansas House has just endorsed a comprehensive system of anti-gay discrimination. If it becomes law—which isn’t unlikely, given Republican control of the statehouse and governorship—it will yield a segregated world for gays and their allies, as they are forced to use businesses and other services that aren’t hostile to them.

I look forward to hearing Bell et al telling us this legislation is a good thing because of all the extra work for sign fabricators making "straight only" and "gay restrooms out back" placards. Missing snarkbites already...


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The bill has been dropped.

The bill has been dropped. The sponsors determined it wasn't necessary. Well, duh!

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This quote is so freaking

This quote is so freaking dumb:

Bell cited the example of “an officeholder refused service based on his political beliefs” – an apparent reference to Sen. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville, being once refused service at Knoxville’s Bistro restaurant after sponsoring what became known as the “don’t say gay” bill. Campfield was on hand as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Could somebody please teach these (cough) lawmakers some law? Like, what actually is a protected class under federal civil rights law?

Hint: (and I've said this before) The red-headed nincompoop is not a protected class. Maybe Stacey should run for Congress and fix that.

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It's time the GA went home.

It's time the GA went home. Too much legislative interference into every aspect of life is simply that, interference, whether it originates from the left or the right.

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