May 31 2018
03:40 pm

Sears is closing 72 Sears and KMart stores, including the Sears at Knoxville Center/East Town mall.

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Unbelievable that Sears has

Unbelievable that Sears has not figured out how to survive.

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Looks like Belk is the only

Looks like Belk is the only large department store left at Knoxville Center.

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... and where will Amazon be

... and where will Amazon be 50 years from now?

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Fighting off new competitors,

Fighting off new competitors, like Walmart is doing now?

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West Town Sears

And, they are tearing down the West Town Sears and replacing it with a one story building. Don't know if Sears will go back in the new space or not. (link...)

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From the MPC document

This new phase includes a major change to one of the anchor tenant buildings and improvements to the main
drive aisle and parking lot. The building changes include the demolition of the two story Sears building that is
located on the west side of the mall. That building will be replaced with a one story building for a new anchor
tenant. The new building will have a floor area of approximately 80,000 square feet which is approximately half
of the existing Sears building. The parking lot improvements will occur in front of the new building with a
change in alignment of the main drive aisle around the mall in the area of the building changes. Adjustments
to the parking lot in this area will also be made.

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"That building will be

"That building will be replaced with a one story building for a new anchor tenant."

Well, sounds like Sears West Town is history. They said they had a list of 100 non-profitable stores they were looking at. Maybe this is one of them.

Thanks for he scoop!

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not on list

The West Town store is not on the closing list. A coworker said that in Philly where his wife is from they recently tore down a large Sears at a mall and rebuilt a new smaller building, and the Sears went back in the new space. So, maybe West Town negotiated with Sears to give them a new smaller square footage space. The downsizing might keep the doors open.

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Yes, understand it is not on

Yes, understand it is not on the closing list of 72 stores. But the above article says "The retailer has identified 100 unprofitable stores in total, and it will begin closing sales at 72 of these stores 'in the near future.'"

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Based on city and county

Based on city and county online property tax records, it appears the owners of East Town have not paid property taxes for the past two years (2016, 2017). Looks like they owe the city and county nearly $600,000.

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Is that Simon? Wonder if they

Is that Simon? Wonder if they received city/county tax incentives to build the mall back when ...

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No, some local guy.

No, some local guy.

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Here is the local guy.

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Another great piece by Clay

Another great piece by Clay Duda ...

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More closings, 9 Sears and 1

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