Aug 12 2019
08:32 am

Apparently there are areas in San Francisco where a person has to dodge human waste along the sidewalks. "The city received nearly 27,000 requests for feces removal in the most recent fiscal year, although not all are human."

"San Francisco started its "Pit Stop" program in July 2014 with public toilets in the city's homeless-heavy Tenderloin, after children complained of dodging human waste on their way to school. "

"Advocates say steam cleaning requests have dropped in areas surrounding some of the public toilets. The mayor signed a budget Thursday that includes more than $9 million for the Pit Stop toilets this year, up from $5 million last fiscal year. San Francisco will add seven new bathrooms in a city where a one-night count of homeless people grew 17% in the past two years."

$9 million dollars for public toilets for the homeless?!?!? Yes, it is good that the city is doing something. But, wow, they must really have a homeless problem and it does not appear to be getting any better.

Alex_Falk's picture

conservatives have been talking about this for years

conservatives have been talking about this for years and absolutely savor the topic

the spin is that it is a feature of "socialism" (big air quotes) rather than capitalism, because "california" of course

in a couple weeks i will be staying a few nights in this neighborhood & can report back on the extreme class stratification in big tech's capital city

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I call bullshit

At least on the whole homeless thing.

I have been a guy for a long time and I can tell you with some authority that wealthy guys with nice homes are just about as likely to indulge the urge to crap in your neighborhood as are homeless guys.

I will give you that the homeless are more likely to crap (or piss) where/when they/it can be seen but given even a modicum of privacy then khaki slacks and polo shirt wearing country club types will shit on your sidewalk in a minute. And not think twice about it.

If you are gonna gig the homeless on this, point the blame gun in the rest of the directions too.

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