Mar 20 2017
11:09 am

Today's Knox County Commission workshop agenda has two resolutions that would pave the way for establishing a "Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center located at 3343 Dewine Road to provide an alternative to jail for qualified low risk offenders who in the opinion of the arresting officer or Judge, have exhibited signs of mental illness and/or substance abuse, and for whom treatment rather than incarceration will be beneficial."

One resolution is for a contract with Helen Ross McNabb to operate the facility. The other resolution is for a lease agreement for the facility.

Local officials have discussed the idea for years. The City and the County have both allocated funds. According to news reports, Gov. Haslam has set aside state funding in this year's budget.

Agenda item R-17-3-904: Defined Services Contract

Agenda item R-17-3-905: Lease Agreement


KNS: Knox County Commission to consider safety center

WBIR: Burchett: Knox Co. safety center will open in 2017

WATE: Knoxville community concerned over proposed safety center

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Here's a direct link to the

Here's a direct link to the services contract, explaining what Helen Ross McNabb will do (see RFP response later in the document)...


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The Knoxville City Council

The Knoxville City Council voted unanimously for approval of the creation of the Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center on Tuesday, 3/28/2017. Helen Ross McNabb Center will run the new 24 bed center.

It will be located in a former church at 3343 Dewine Rd., which is a block off of Western Avenue, a quarter mile East of McKamey Road, and only 3-400 feet from an existing Helen Ross facility, in West Knoxville.

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