Jul 16 2017
03:09 am

Looking at the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, what is the appeal of running government like a business?

If I am reading their charts correctly, ~50% of businesses survive after 5 years, ~35% after 10, ~27% after 15, ~20% after 20 years.

How much of many businesses surviving is pure luck, connections, someone going bankrupt and selling their resources for a song, etc. This seems too risky of an approach for government.

You might use some tenets commonly used in businesses, but you are just as likely to need approaches you would not do in a business.

Being a "successful" business is about profit in the end. Government should ideally be about altruism. Although the realities of economics cannot be ignored. Aren't those typically the antithesis of each other?

Entrepreneurship and the U.S. Economy


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