May 25 2019
10:36 am
By: bizgrrl

Betty Bean, KnoxTNToday:

For the past several decades, abortion-rights opponents have become one-issue voters, willing to ignore the flaws and shortcomings of their champions as long as they help in the fight to reverse Roe v. Wade.

Now, with new members on the U.S. Supreme Court, the threat to Roe is real. Perhaps those who don’t want to go back to the days of coat hangers and quinine better think about doing the same.

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This isn't really funny but I

This isn't really funny but I keep thinking about the poor little fish eggs.


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I have never understood the

I have never understood the single issue anti-abortion voter because I assumed that no matter who they cast a vote for that person would not be able to do one iota in reversing Roe v. Wade. Most of the time the anti-abortion candidate did not really care about the issue. They were only making a political calculation that being on that side of the issue would benefit them. No telling how many times candidates, especially in the South, have won elections on that issue alone. The one issue anti-abortion voter has voted against their own interests because they were so passionate about the abortion issue it overshadowed any other issue. In the past 46 years some conservative anti-abortion SCOTUS members have been reluctant to overturn Roe because of precedent and the social upheaval a reversal of the 1973 case would cause. I never thought Roe would be struck down. But, I never thought an unqualified buffoon like Trump would be elected to the Presidency. There are a solid 4 votes to reverse Roe with Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh. I am not so sure about Roberts. He is always going to be conservative, but I can see him being the swing vote that sides with the others on this issue. Would he go for some of the state restrictions that are being enacted? Probably, but a total reversal of Roe, I don't think so. Of course, if Ginsburg left the court, her replacement would definitely go with the other anti-abortion members of SCOTUS. If that happens, the single issue anti-abortion voter, which include many of my friends and family members, would feel some justification. It is the only real issue I agree with in the Republican Party Platform. The remainder of the Republican platform goes against everything that Jesus taught and contradicts any religion or lifestyle based on love and kindness.

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did I read the last two sentences correctly?

did I read the last two sentences correctly?
you're against women's bodily autonomy?

the true culture warriors have been seeking this outcome for forty years. yes, many politicians have weaponized evangelical crusade rhetoric for purely cynical reasons, but now an increasing number of them *grew up* with this "civil war" and their view of abortion as genocide is not a put-on.

this reminds me of the discussion in another thread here regarding tim burchett: no, i don't think he is "playing politics" by engaging in racist + islamophobic + transphobic culture war as part of his job representing us in DC -- i think he is an honest and earnest bigot, a christian culture warrior and seriously not a good person. bigots are not good people. he is a bad person.

The Guardian: "Christian rightwingers warn abortion fight could spark US civil war : wave of extreme bans seems to have amped up predictions of coming conflict"

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You are the reason a buffoon

You are the reason a buffoon like Trump and other Republicans win so many elections!

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I love reading your stuff......

I swear I'm not trying to be a rude grammar Nazi. But you have to break up your stuff to make it readable.

You need spaces between paragraphs.

There's like, eight or nine interesting and stand alone topics in there and it's like reading a William Faulkner novel.

Geez, it's wearing me out.

Let me just apologize up front.It was ninety five degrees today, I'm minus both sleep and healthy food, two things I work to be good at. I tried reading this earlier on my iPhone, but between having to read in quick short bursts, and at least one lens out of three being smudged at virtually all times. I didn't get through it. I tried tonight, but I'm tired. I didn't have what it takes to wade through this.

Hell, I'll try again tomorrow.

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I admit I am not a certified

I admit I am not a certified genius and I am a shitty writer. Of course, in observing most posts on this site it appears most other folks do not make formal writing skills a priority in trying to convey their opinions on Knox Views. Even with the lack of formal writing, most seem to get their point of view across to those that read their posts. I enjoy reading your opinions, most of the time. Get some sleep and enjoy the break from the heat. I will try to wait a few months before posting anything else and give you time to get physically and mentally prepared to read my words. If any time in the future my riddles confuse you, maybe we can have a chat on the phone. On second thought, my hillbilly dialect would confuse a highly sophisticated former UT student even more. In glancing over a few comments responding to me, it does not appear my comments have been something others agree with or welcome. It could be that I upset others as well as you. Maybe I do need to disappear permanently from this site. Take care.

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We'd like if you continued to

We'd like if you continued to contribute. We've had worse writing conflicts here.

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You're a pretty good writer and at least a sub-genius.

Keep writing and opinionating. You make our town a better place to live.

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Nothing wrong with being a

Nothing wrong with being a sub-genius, I'll take that! Also, a really smart friend once told me that only a fool never changes his/her mind. Still sounds like great advice.

fischbobber's picture

And really,

I did compare you to Faulkner. That's not exactly shitty writer status.

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