Jan 21 2006
09:30 pm
By: WhitesCreek  shortURL

I've sent a message to several folks to help make this site a Roane Views place. I get to be King, but we could use the site to exchange rants. I'm even willing to change the name to something more inclusive, as long as everyone knows that I rule...

(My fingers really wanted to type, "Bring me your Women!" at this point, but I resisted. Bubba's "Don't be an Idiot" rule is gonna stifle me a bit but I can deal, OK?)

WhitesCreek's picture

WhitesCreek By "This Site" I


By "This Site" I mean the WC blog at this point.

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Sounds great. I'll add a

Sounds great. I'll add a Roane Co. community category, along with some others that have been suggested.

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WhitesCreek No wait...I want


No wait...I want to be King, I say...

Dang...well ok, others may offer their meager input...

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