Nov 8 2022
05:51 am

Burchett on the stump, campaigning for reelection.

Someone following his campaign activities asks questions about the conditions for children provided by DCS (Dept of Children Services). As we remember, there are children sleeping in the DCS office buildings because they have no available foster homes. In addition, "In Tennessee, "There was about 9,000 children in the system and about 4,000 foster homes as of Monday, according to Youth Villages."

Here's a tweet from Knoxville Holler with a video of the encounter.

Someone asks:

What are we going to do about the DCS crisis?

Burchett responds:

First thing we gotta do is probably a cut their funds so they will come to the table and talk to us.

Someone follow-up question:

What about all these children

Burchett follow-up:

The children in the circuit that are not um accounted for we gotta find them. That's been a big problem with DCS for the longest time from start to finish. Always been that problem.

Someone follow-up question:

That's the solution right now? For all the children sleeping on floors?

Burchett follow-up:

That's no solution. That's disgusting. That should never be an option. I think the first thing you have to do is have an accounting of all the kids, make sure we know where they all are. That's the number one thing. And then... And then, if they don't um then we gotta make sure we direct the funds to the so it gets to the children ... gets where it is supposed to be, not through all this craziness that they do. And I know that the kids are being lost in the system. So. But anyway. Alright I gotta

Has he no clue? No, I think he doesn't. He cares more about getting reelected and less about the state of the state and country.

fischbobber's picture

When you think about this......

It is both really sad and and a classic example of, "Be careful what you asked for." Deprivation and psychological trauma are not ways to deal with the problems facing our foster care system. Tim is advocating what amounts to torturing these kids further as a solution. Cut the funding of an organization whose problems stem from a lack of funding? It's past time for Tim to go.

The idea that the solution to societies woes is to beat the poor and disadvantaged with sticks to achieve results was shown to be ineffective with slavery. It doesn't work in a free society. It merely reinforces the worst of man's nature.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Burchett is a loser

Burchett is a loser. He has let down the people in the second district and voted against their interests. He always spoke in support of veterans and then he stood behind Donald Trump and never even criticized Trump for his pathetic treatment of our men and women in the military. Trump called veterans losers and suckers and never respected them. Of course, that was no surprise coming from a draft dodger. Burchett is eat up with the dumbass! He is an embarrassment to his family and community.

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