Jul 10 2006
09:52 am

The Democratic Party of Knox County, along with a representative host committee, is hosting a reception for Schree Pettigrew this Thursday. Schree is the Democrat's candidate for State House District 18.

The reception will be on Thursday, July 13, 2006 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and will be at Calhoun's on Bearden Hill (6515 Kingston Pike - Google Map).

You can get an invite here. If you'd like to come out and show your support for Schree, please RSVP here.

If you can not make it out, there will be several other events from August through November.

michael kaplan's picture

pettigrew tax position

i hope ms pettigrew changes her public position on 'no new taxes.' when questioned on the 'tax exchange' (elimination of the food tax in exchange for an increase in cigarette tax) she stated that she was opposed to any new taxes.

not a very progressive position, imo.

Tennessee Liberal's picture

Here's the problem - the

Here's the problem - the cigarette tax is an even more regressive tax than the food tax. The people affected by a cigarette tax are just as poor as anyone else, and I hate to break it to you, but no one has ever quit smoking because it was too expensive. The people you see buying a carton or Marlboros at the KenJo clearly aren't debating whether to buy ciagrettes or a new boat. They are addicts who want their fix, and they'll get it one way or another.

Plus, if through some miracle, a higher cigarette tax actually got people to stop smoking, then the "tax exchange" is no longer revenue neutral, and the state is left in even more dire financial straits.

The tax structure in our state is clearly regressive and it needs to be updated, but the tax exchange idea just doesn't fly. And frankly, do you think the progressive vote in this election is for Stacey Campfield? I dare say not. I'd put my support behind Schree any day of the week here.

rikki's picture

Just this afternoon I had my

Just this afternoon I had my weekly "new boat or eat for five years" debate. As usual, I ate lunch. I think I'm an addict.

michael kaplan's picture

regressive taxation

while 100% of tennesseeans eat, only 25.6% smoke. so if you're going to have a regressive tax, at least impose it on the fewest number of people possible.


michael kaplan's picture

pettigrew website

and i don't see any issues discussed in detail on the pettigrew website. can't we expect more from our democratic candidates? where's the platform? how about some substance beyond use of the V (Vision) word?

Henry's picture

I'm Convinced . . . .

You've convinced me . . . .

I'm voting for Stacy Campfield .

At least we know his positions.

I too love sex offenders and hate minorities.

You guys are Right.

~ HJ

michael kaplan's picture

cigarette tax

i googled cigarette tax and found this. i'm sure arguments to the contrary have been made, but this makes interesting reading nonetheless:

A hefty cigarette tax could save up to 114 million lives over the next 50 years that would be lost to smoking, health experts said Wednesday. Smoking and tobacco use already kills an estimated 5 million people annually and could claim up to 1 billion lives this century, most of it in low-income nations, said Prabhat Jha, research chair of health and development at the University of Toronto at an international health conference in Beijing.

However, governments have the power to significantly curb usage by simply taxing tobacco products, he said. "Taxation is the most cost-effective intervention, but unfortunately, most underused" anti-smoking measure, he said. A 70 percent increase globally in cigarette prices could potentially avert between 46 million to 114 million smoking-related deaths, according to research by the Disease Control Priorities Project, an international partnership that organized the conference.

Even a more modest 33 percent increase could prevent some 66 million tobacco deaths over the next five decades, the DCPP study said. "Governments have to take tobacco seriously," Jha said. "The key message is that it is possible to avoid up to 3 million deaths a year." Studies have shown that even a 10 percent rise in the cost of cigarettes has a marked effect in reducing smoking in men and young people.

JustJohnny's picture

on the issues

Mr. Kaplan -- You will see some changes in the website over the next month, likely after the primary in August. Schree is running a graduated campaign to win on the issues that affect the people in this district. The campaign has contacted well over 6000 voters in this district to date and, most assuredly, the tax swap hasn't been at the top of the list on issues the campaign staff and volunteers hear. I'm not attempting to negate what you are trying to accomplish, the data simply shows the priorities of voters in the district are different. Things like funding Knox County Schools, health care and CoverTN, and ideas on how to bring quality jobs to Knox County and East Tennessee are tops on the list --and this is what Schree is talking about.

I ask what responses you have from your own State Rep on this issue? Or better yet, what have you heard from the Republican in this race? Have either met and spoke with TFT and local TFT leaders? Schree has.

JustJohnny's picture


Tref has campaign reports online for all candidates in this race:
Second Quarter 04/01/2006 to 06/30/2006

Wow. I think we'll be hearing more on this in days to come.

Balance on hand last report: $20,481.32
Total receipts this period: $16,145.00
Total disbursements this period: $3,381.03
Balance on hand: $33,245.29
Total loans outstanding: $0.00
Total obligations outstanding: $0.00

Republican 1:
Balance on hand last report: $22,112.97
Total receipts this period: $4,875.00
Total disbursements this period: $14,299.16
Balance on hand: $12,688.81
Total loans outstanding: $0.00
Total obligations outstanding: $0.00

Republican 2:
Balance on hand last report: $27.17
Total receipts this period: $5,880.00
Total disbursements this period: $5,359.45
Balance on hand: $547.72
Total loans outstanding: $15,390.92
Total obligations outstanding: $0.00


Oren Incandenza's picture

Thanks, Henry.

Henry's sarcasm is spot on.  Let me spell this out for everyone:

-- The Rep is an embarrassment.  I thought Burchett's roadkill bill was the zenith of Knox County political idiocy, but Campfield has managed to eclipse it, and that took some doing.  If ET Dems accomplish nothing else this election cycle, we must remove Campfield.

-- Whatever Pettigrew's position on "new taxes" is or might be, can you realistically imagine that it would be less considered or thoughtful than Campfield's, or any other Republican's?  She at least might be persuaded to accept the cigarette/food tax proposal, but any creative ideas like that will be DOA at Campfield's door.  The state GOP will never address our regressive taxes until a crisis compels them to do so.

-- I'd agree with the suggestion that Pettigrew study this issue and, yes, update her website.  If you're going to offer vision and problem solving, you need to back it up.  But unless she lights herself on fire and runs down Gay Street at noontime, I plan to vote for her -- and I might be persuaded even then.

"It's Pit Pat! The magical, pansexual, non-threatening spokesthing!" -- Mr. Show

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The choice in this race will

The choice in this race will not be between Stacey Campfield and Schree.  Too bad, cause Schree would kick his ass.

Gary Drinnen is going to win the Republican primary, for the precise reason that all the people who voted for Campfield last time would be embarrassed to admit it.  And Gary, who was volunteer coordinator for the Haslam campaign and a nice guy to boot, is going to be very hard to beat.

Anonymous's picture

I suppose we shall have the

I suppose we shall have the answer to that question in just 3 short weeks.

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Tonight's event was an overwhelming success! Thanks to the 60+ people who came to Calhoun's to eat BBQ w/ Schree!

The next larger event will be August 10th at Rothchilds. Tennessee House Majority Leader Rep. Kim McMillan is expected to headline the event. More details soon!

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