Jan 20 2006
09:15 pm

When Jerry Wexler sent Wilson Pickett to Memphis, I'm sure he had no idea that in the first night, he and Steve Cropper would write "Don't Fight It," "Ninety Nine and A Half (Won't Do)," and "In The Midnight Hour" in a Jack Daniels-fueled cram session.

I've been around music all of my life, and I gotta say -- a lot of artists would kill to have that sort of output in twenty years, much less twenty hours.

Tonight, I'd like to express deepest sadness for the loss of a great American artist. Anyone who's ever heard "Land of 1000 Dances" or "Mustang Sally" knows what sort of impact that Wilson Pickett had on soul, blues, and rock music.

And I would also welcome anyone who'd want to come to The Mercy Lounge tonight to catch a genuine revival of the same funk and soul spirit which was embodied by the R&B artists of Tennessee during the 50's and 60's.

Charles Walker and the Dynamites will be performing some deep soul tracks, including "The Dap Walk," and cuts from their upcoming single, "Come On In" b/w "Slinky." It will be bangin'. It will get right in, kick your ass, get on out, and leave you wanting more. If you're missing Wilson Pickett, you could do a lot worse tonight.

$10 at the door.

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Damn, that was some really

Damn, that was some really sad news. I probably played Mustang Sally and Midnight Hour hundreds of times at sockhops back in the day. And was even forced to try to dance to Land of 1000 dances, even though I was too cool to dance because I was, like, in the band and stuff (yeah, right). Anyway, thanks for your post.

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I could hardly believe that

I could hardly believe that Wilson was only 64.

Backing that up... his first hits on Atlantic/Stax were penned in 1965, so he was only 23 when he wrote "In the Midnight Hour."

Anyway, there's still plenty of good stuff to hear. I'm psyched about The Dynamites (and other bands around doing similar stuff, like Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, The Mighty Imperials, Breakestra, etc.). Charles Walker is a displaced resident of New Orleans, living in Clarksville, although his connection to Tennessee R&B runs back a few decades as well. If you haven't heard the Night Train to Nashville sets, investigate them. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Middle TN has a history in the development of R&B, although we owe most debt to Memphis.

(Another word here: Isaac Hayes was hospitalized in Memphis this week. Speedy recovery!)

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