Sep 26 2019
02:46 pm

We got our RealID driver licenses today. It wasn't as bad as we thought it might be. Used the Maryville drivers service center. Took about an hour. Got there about 5 minutes after they opened, there were already 36 people in line.

We were prepared. Used a kiosk to sign in and pay with a credit card. Could have used a Debit card. However, we could not use the same credit card for both of us, thus had to have two credit cards. Don't know why, but the card was rejected for the second person.

Had to have at least 4 documents, proof of citizenship or legal presence, proof of social security number, and two proof of residency documents. We had unexpired valid U.S passports. If you are a woman, have been married (and divorced), and don't have a valid U.S. passport, it's a little more complicated. You'll need your birth certificate, marriage certificate(s), and divorce decree(s), if applicable. For proof of residency we used our existing driver licenses and a utility bill. There are many documents you can use for proof of residency, but I'm hesitant to provide credit card statements, mortgage bills, etc. since they make copies/scan in all of your documents.

Everything was quite efficient. Of course, we now have to wait to receive the driver licenses in the mail. We received a paper temporary license that we must keep with our old licenses.

There is only the one drivers service center in Blount County, on Home Ave. in Maryville. According to the website, there are two in Knox County, one at Strawberry Plains Pike, way East Knoxville, and one at Montbrook Lane in West Knoxville, near Gleason Drive. I wonder if the West Knox location is on the bus line.

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We got ours at the West Knox

We got ours at the West Knox office. I don't think the bus line runs there. Close though. Downtown West. We had to make 3 trips total. But now have them.

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The West Knox office is not

The West Knox office is not easy to find. It is on Gleason Road across the street from the backside parking lot of the VA Outpatient Clinic Annex Radiology/Optometry.

There are a bunch of small offices where the Drivers License is located. And it is on the back side
of those offices. If I recall correctly just one small sign that is easy to overlook. So you have to drive into the office complex and kind of hunt out the Driver License office.

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Real ID available through Knox County Clerk's office

FYI, The Knox County Clerk is issuing Real ID licenses at 4 locations for those who already have a Tenn License. I got mine earlier this week at the Knox County Courthouse. It was a quick and painless process with friendly helpful staff. Keep in mind that if you are a first time applicant for a Tenn License you need to visit a State of Tennessee Driver Services Center.


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Thanks. Guess South Knoxville

Thanks. Guess South Knoxville still the stepchild.

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