Kate Irby at Mclatchy - The real reason a Tennessee town dodged a Charlottesville repeat. Others can, too.

Georgetown officials, including Mary McCord, senior litigator at ICAP, pointed city officials to one constitutional provision and two statutes to help police tamp down violence without quashing free speech. The Tennessee constitution mandates that military actors submit to civil authorities, a provision that has remained unchanged since 1796 and exists in some form in all state constitutions except New York’s and Georgia’s. Two additional statutes in Tennessee prohibit paramilitary activity and “false assumption,” meaning the unauthorized wearing of military uniforms or otherwise assuming the role of a peacekeeper under false pretenses. Paramilitary activity was obvious in Charlottesville, McCord said. She cited groups wearing matching uniforms, carrying weapons such as clubs and bats in addition to firearms, using pre-baked slogans and coordinating violent movements orchestrated by “commanders.”

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It's amazing what one can find if one actually reads primary source documents. They're even more amazing when one researches the background and context under which they were written.

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