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Her point

I'm not sure if I agree with her premise. I'm a driver.This bill is a much needed regulation in my profession. We literally have several industries built around screwing us over and harvesting the wealth of the services we produce. We are not directly covered under Article 1 of the constitution. My profession is governed by the section that gives the duty and obligation to regulate to congress.

She is a writer. Her profession and work is specifically protected under Article 1 which grants her exclusive rights to her work. Writers and artists have a constitutionally different set of parameters than us average Joes in the workplace. The value of any given piece of individual piece of work is the sole decision of the producer, as I read this.

The woman that wrote this article has missed the entire premise of her statutory rights under Article 1.

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I bet this can be fixed

to deal with her situation. I would trust Sherrod Brown.

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The PRO Act is not a threat to free lancers

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