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Because of a change in a City ordinance to reflect state law, anyone retrieving a vehicle from the City of Knoxville Impoundment Lot will now need to present proof of insurance. City Council approved the revised ordinance on second reading at its meeting on March 14.

State of Tennessee law requires all vehicle owners to have insurance. Under the revised City ordinance, anyone seeking to retrieve a vehicle from the lot on Vice Mayor Jack Sharp Road in East Knoxville must bring proof of insurance, a government-issued picture ID, a licensed driver, and proof of vehicle ownership. They also must pay any fees for towing and storage at the Impoundment Lot.

The Impoundment Lot is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but vehicles are only released between 8 a.m. and midnight.

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But no proof needed...

of health insurance! I'd kinda like to have "uninsured medical" insurance just like "uninsured driver" in my car insurance policy.

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"State of Tennessee law

"State of Tennessee law requires all vehicle owners to have insurance. "

You don't have to have proof of insurance to get a driver license. You don't have to have proof of insurance to title/purchase a vehicle.
You do have to have proof of insurance to get your car back once it has been towed. What a rip off.

I wonder if they will let you in the car to get proof of insurance, proof of ownership, etc. I highly doubt it.

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The ripoff is not requiring

The ripoff is not requiring proof of insurance to title a car.

(Pretty sure you need it to finance the vehicle purchase, but that's a bank requirement.)

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