Sep 29 2020
11:42 pm

Here's the deal...

Joe Biden for President!

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The president refused to

The president refused to condemn white supremacy.

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And he told the Proud Boys to

And he told the Proud Boys to "stand by."

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Trump is deplorable! Instead

Trump is deplorable!

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I'm glad we watched it.

I'm glad we watched it. Recaps can't do it justice.

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Dana Milbank, Washington

Dana Milbank, Washington Post,

"When Trump went after Hunter Biden and Burisma, the former vice president, speaking directly to the camera, noted that he could go after Trump’s family, but “this is not about my family or his family. It’s about your family. . . . He doesn’t want to talk about what you need — you, the American people.”

When Trump called racial sensitivity training “absolutely insane” and part of a “radical revolution,” Biden responded: “We’re all Americans. The only way we’re going to bring this country together is bring everybody together. . . . We can take this on and we can defeat racism in America.”

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...the deal

YES, the REAL deal!

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