Who let ironworkers define "banking crisis"?
Update: guess it doesn't matter

Sorry, boilermakers and sheetmetal workers. Either way, I don't see anyone arguing with them over the definition of "banking crisis". The best "conservative" argument so far has been "desperate Dems pull Katrina card".

This thing hasn't been on the teevee anywhere and I find that somewhat odd. It's pretty slick and doesn't look cheap. It seems that I'd be getting emails from SOMEBODY asking me to chip in and get this on the television, like, a month ago but, whatever. Maybe if the messaging campaigns were run by real Democrats instead of pollsters the midterm damage wouldn't be as bad as it is. As it stands, it's just a stroke of grassroots luck that ANYBODY is listening to labor right now. The video for the Transport Workers Union was just about as good and even though no one has seen it, these hands are strong, they are many, and they have been here before...

When I posted this here, it had 303 views on YouTube and a search for "which party was in power during every major banking crisis since 1900" returned nothing. I happened upon it on facebook from The Beer Party via Sheetmetal Workers' International Association After it found it's way to the DCCC's page views jumped to 35,000. Last night it picked up a little celebrity treatment from Roger Ebert at the Chicago Sun-Times: "You damn right I remember". That links to one of the several copies that have now been reposted on YouTube, this one with 15,000 views in a few hours. The original has over 120,000 so far. I don't expect that to multiply by 100 without a surprise Oprah broadcast but today isn't over, and Hooray, Beer for trying.

But those numbers aren't as important as the number of unemployed "special interests" in Tennessee and I hope the new legislators have a little more respect for the job than Campfield's attitude of "passing stuff and stopping stuff."

We lost 3 million jobs during the Bush Presidency and the Boliermakers would like to remind you that:

IT IS COMMON for the party in power to lose seats during midterm congressional elections. And the economic crisis has compounded the uneasiness many Americans feel. But giving control of Congress back to the party that led us into the economic collapse would be a disaster. The Republicans have suggested no new approaches. Instead, they are calling for a replay of the same policies that have failed American workers and failed our economic system. The initiatives Congress and the president have implemented over the last few years need time to take effect.

"This is America, and it was built by these":

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Thank You Sir! May I have another?



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There you have it.

There you have it.

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Great video. I never forgot

Great video. I never forgot and that's why I don't vote Republican.

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