Sep 22 2018
12:45 am

The terminus park is the main component of an entrance into South Knoxville and the Urban Wilderness that is proposed to connect eventually across the Tennessee River from Morningside Park to Baker Creek Preserve, creating a 2.2-mile, 113-acre park.

The hoped-for eventual outcome is that one span of the parkway will be designated for two-way motorized-vehicle traffic and the other for bicycles and pedestrians, making a fun and pleasant connection between the two sides of the river.

Plans for JWP terminus park grow more – and less – concrete

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City of Knoxville Urban

City of Knoxville Urban Wilderness Gateway Park planning web site.

Very ambitious. The possibilities are interesting. If anything like the park by the river, would be wonderful.

Interesting that one of the surveys showed nearly 60% of respondents are not residents of South Knoxville. Sort of like the re-birth of downtown, we can only hope South Knoxville is transformed to be more of a community like it was before the James White Parkway put a big gash thru it hurting the community.

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If anything like the park by

If anything like the park by the river, would be wonderful.

If you like the landscaping, a lot of it was done by my pal Avi from Overhill Gardens. They have a booth at the Saturday farmer's market with a good variety of native plants, and now's the time to be planting perennials. The awesome are also there nearly every Saturday.

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Apparently we can't put two

Apparently we can't put two links in a post? So, Native Plant Rescue Squad. Good folks.

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