Sep 10 2019
03:23 pm

KnoxTNToday: "The two Republicans share similar views except on one fundamental issue: school vouchers."

Update: Dunn won't run

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Good for Patti! Someone

Good for Patti! Someone needed to challenge Dunn. He has been trying to destroy public education in Tennessee for 25 years. I hope she wins.

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And women's right to choose


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Looks like the seat could be Patti's for the taking — Dunn's not running next year!

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I just urged Patti Bounds to

I just urged Patti Bounds to declare for President.

(When she announced for school board, R. Larry Smith dropped out)

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Hard to believe there won't

Hard to believe there won't be a push to get some other Republican to run against her, since one of her signature issues is opposing the Republican governor's education initiatives. But she'll be a formidable candidate for sure.

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Voucher Vultures

Patti calls them the voucher vultures. She, herself, is a tough ol' bird. How in the world will the so-called Americans for Prosperity position an untested candidate as more pro-kid than a woman who has worked 30-plus years for kids? Oh yeah, and his name should start with "A" because Bounds has the ballot-topper "B."

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