Up Goose Creek is in London contemporaneously with Trump's visit. Goose Creek graciously volunteered to be our London correspondent. Here is the first dispatch:

Even Big Ben has a security detail

Bleachers set up for bloviating on Downing street

Note the security detail on the left roof of Buckingham Palace

"The Evening Standard reports that 25 million pounds ($31.6 million USD) will be spent on security. There must be thousands of barricades."

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This is cool. Thanks,

This is cool. Thanks, Goose.

On a related note, I once saw Queen Elizabeth drive by in an open car about four feet from me. It was in Lucerne, Switzerland of all place. She wore a spectacularly ugly hat.

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You gotta love it. If I was

You gotta love it. If I was the Queen of England I might wear garish chapeaus.

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"garish chapeaus"LOL!

"garish chapeaus"


(Great band name.)

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I love Lucerne! Spent a week

I love Lucerne! Spent a week there close to the Chapel Bridge, and close to the rail station. Where'd you stay?

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It was so long ago I can't

It was so long ago I can't remember the name of the hotel. But we stayed there for three days and loved it.

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Thanks Goose!

Thanks Goose!

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This was a surprise to me. I'd heard about the visit but had the impression it was next week. I had a few hours free in London and decided to see the sights.

Upon arrival at Buckingham palace I was greeted by the security theatre. Couldn't even get across the street to St James park.

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Several minutes after my

Several minutes after my arrival a long line of Black vehicles arrived, about two dozen. After 15 minutes or so there was the sound of a helicopter and pedestrian traffic was allowed across the street in limited openings. The whole area East of the Palace remained closed to vehicles. There must have been thousands of barricades.

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I only saw two protest signs, I think the big protest is scheduled for today. There was a contingent with a banner supporting Trump but my camera refused to take a picture.

Over and out, I'll be in airplane mode soon.

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Yesterday saw depressed

Yesterday saw depressed Democrats cackling over a balloon flown by foreigners while at home our stock market had its best day in months.

He really is going to be President For Life, isn't he ?

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