Jul 21 2006
02:36 pm
By: R. Neal

Amy Broyles has setup a website called the "Orange Ballot", with information on Knox County candidates who have pledged to serve no more than two terms.

The name is in reference to a flyer with the same information that has been circulating at political rallies and at some of the early voting locations. The "orange ballot" campaign was started by Chancellor candidate Jim Andrews and several other candidates challenging possibly term-limited County Commissioners. Georgiana Vines has more.

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The US Supreme Court in 1992

The US Supreme Court in 1992 ruled that the 100 foot boundary is a constitutional distance from the door of the polling place. Putting the voting place in a large mall effectively eliminates campaigning, which is not the intent of the law. If the mall will not allow campaign activity within the mall, but 100 feet from the polling place entrance, then another location should be used. The purpose of the boundary is to prevent intimidation, not to prevent all campaign activity.

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The Democratic Ballot

At the Democratic Executive Committee meeting,last night,Jim Andrews proposed & Robert Bratton made a motion to give all Democratic candidates,for County Commission,$450 dollars from the Party;which includes;Diane Jordan,Billy Tindall & Mark Cawood. The motion passed overwhelmingly.Futhermore,Norman Riddel "passed the hat" & $600 or so more was raised for the Party.I thank Jim Andrews for his leadership on bringing together the Democratic Party...The Democratic Party is unified & we are going to elect Democratic candidates in the county general election.In November,Amy,will be with us to re-elect the Governor & elect the next U.S.Senator...Harold Ford,Jr.!!!!

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Billy Tindell will not be

Billy Tindell will not be getting $450 from the party.  The specific language of the motion was "The party will contribute $450 to each Democratic commission candidate that has opposition on the ballot".  Billy does not have opposition on the ballot.

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Billy Tindell

Billy Tindell will be getting a check for $450.00 from the Democratic Party. It was mailed to him this afternoon along with the other twelve. Mr. Tindell does have an opponent; ask Amy Broyles if she is running unopposed. By being a County Election Commission certified write-in candidate whose votes will be counted, Ms. Broyles, in effect, is on the ballot.

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oops,it's Billy Tindell

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paul is right

After talking to maker of the motion,Robert Bratton,I made a mistake on Billy Tindell...I will also talk to the treasurer,to make sure this is clear..again as i understand the motion i was wrong & paul is right.

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