May 8 2011
07:39 am

I've been following the foreclosure fraud for some time now, and have been dismayed at the TN HB1920 bill that will cut disclosure notices. The debate on the cloak-foreclosures-in-darkness bill, that is being pushed by the Tea/Gop and the bankers in this state, is leaning toward the ridiculous subsidizing the newspapers meme that some fool pulled from their hat (or other orifice).

Meanwhile, just a hop, skip and a jump over to North Carolina, and we find a HEROIC Registers of Deeds that looked back at the paperwork filed by them bankstas (rhymes with gangstas) and finding thousands of INCONSISTENCIES!

Thousands of mortgage documents in Guilford County could potentially be fraudulent, the county's register of deeds said.

Jeff Thigpen said his office noticed signature discrepancies in more than 4,500 mortgage and foreclosure documents submitted between August 2006 and April 2010. While the same name was signed to documents, the signature characteristics were found to be different, Thigpen said.

Imagine that! Inconsistencies in the signatures used on LEGAL documents filed by the bankstas! And we wonder why the bankstas want the Tea/Gop to stop publishing foreclosure notices in local papers! (clue: reduces a paper trail)

Meanwhile, as David Dayen writes about the NC Register of Deeds:

Thigpen basically followed the investigation undertaken by 60 Minutes; in fact, Lynn Szymoniak, the forgery and document fraud expert featured in that article, appeared with Thigpen in his press conference on this. She’s tried to get practically every regulator in the country to listen to her about this massive fraud perpetrated on state courts.

While David notes there are other Registers of Deeds that are looking through the mounds of paperwork, I chose to highlight NC's Thigpen, because of geographical closeness to TN. But, please note that there are other Registers of Deeds across the country that are following the 60 Minutes investigation on their own, and then alerting the AG.

So, I pulled up the Knox County Register of Deeds website. In direct contrast to Thigpen's website, that has a bright yellow "Fraud Alert" box in it's sidebar, that leads to information on Mortgage Fraud, Sherry Witt has nada, zilch, nothing. No mention, whatsoever, of possible mortgage frauds that I could find.

Was I surprised? Not at all. Seems like the Tea/Gop, at the behest of the bankstas, has this county sewed up in a cloak of darkness.

So to all of TN's Registers of Deeds, I challenge you to do the right thing and look out for the constituents of your counties. Look at the paperwork being filed by the bankstas, look for inconsistencies in the signatures on the legal documents. Actually, I'll make it even easier for you -- how about you just DO THE RIGHT THING for the people!

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