Jul 1 2020
06:26 am

Oklahoma will become the latest state to adopt the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion after voters passed a ballot measure Tuesday
The result also marks the fifth time voters implemented Medicaid expansion at the ballot box after waiting years for their Republican governors and legislatures to act.
The Sooner State’s 14% uninsured rate is the second-highest in the nation, behind only Texas and tied with Georgia.

Check out this map indicating the states that have and have not implemented Medicaid expansion. Seven of the 14 that have not implemented Medicaid expansion are in the southeast (of course).
The remaining six that have not implemented Medicaid expansion are Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

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Barely, But A Win's A Win

Perhaps none too surprisingly, the vast majority of OK's counties voted "no" to the expansion. About five were in the "yes" column, with by far the greatest population centers. That's what saved the measure.

Someone commented elsewhere (facetiously, I trust) that the benefits of the expansion of services should be limited to only the five counties who want them. That's not the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

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Missouri voters on Tuesday

Missouri voters on Tuesday approved Medicaid expansion to many of the state’s poorest adults, making their conservative state the second to join the Obamacare program through the ballot during the pandemic.

Now only 12 states have not expanded Medicaid, one of which is Tennessee, seven are in the Southeast.

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