Nov 8 2008
11:42 am

122,698,661 people voted for the major party presidential candidates in 2008, which is more votes than in any previous presidential election and an increase of 1,629,946 over 2004.

Obama got more votes in 2008 than Bush in 2004, and Kerry got more votes in 2004 than McCain in 2008. Obama also won with a larger margin than Bush in 2004.

Obama received the highest number of votes of any presidential candidate in U.S. history by a wide margin. McCain comes in fourth:

1. Obama 2008: 65,340,608 (53%)
2. Bush 2004: 62,040,606 (51%)
3. Kerry 2004: 59,028,109 (48%)
4. McCain 2008: 57,358,053 (46%)

WhitesCreek's picture

One has to wonder about the

One has to wonder about the 2004 vote count. Kerry did not have the army of attorneys in place to prevent the widespread vote suppression that we know occurred, or question and investigate the machine vote talleys that were highly suspect in Ohio.

MDB's picture

Not only that

Obama got the highest percentage of the popular vote since Bush the Elder in 1988, and he's not far off that mark. (Obama got 52.6%, Bush the Elder got 53.4%.)

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