Sep 5 2018
04:06 pm

On the heels of revelations from Bob Woodward's forthcoming book "Fear" about "crazytown" in the White House, the New York Times has just published an anonymous op-ed by a "senior administration official" confirming the worst: Trump is dangerously out of control and being held in check only by a "resistance" within his administration. The 25th Amendment is mentioned.

NYT Opinion: I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

Trump meltdown in 3,2,1...

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I'm thinking that invoking

I'm thinking that invoking the 25th Amendment would not create a "constitutional crisis." I'm thinking it would signal that the Constitution is working exactly as intended.

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People who buy into that 25th amendment hooey are either ignorant of the law, bullshitting, or losing their minds.

Similarly on impeachment .. what exactly is the plan here ? You need 67 senators to remove the guy from office. Can you come close to that number ?

Democrats will likely lose seats in 2018 in the Senate just by virtue of the states they are defending. Trump has 80,90% approval among the GOP. Start the list.

Trump is your President until at least Jan 2021. Probably Jan 2025 if Democrats keep down the path of daily hysteria they seem stuck into repeating. This notion that the 25th, impeachment, piss tapes, Mueller is going to remove the guy is a fantasy.

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I suppose forcing Nixon to

I suppose forcing Nixon to resign was a fantasy to some. The 25th Amendment is part of the constitution. The fear of someone like Donald Trump being President is the reason the 25th Amendment was ratified and made part of our constitution. It is sad that many people do not believe that being corrupt, lying constantly, being mentally unstable, being a danger to our national security, and being totally unfit for the Presidency is NOT reason enough for removal. It took 185 years for a President to resign. We have had two Presidents impeached. Now is time for the impeachment and removal of a total nut. One way or another we will have a different President this time next year. His Presidency is unraveling and his resignation by the end of the year is a strong possibility.

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Removal by 25th amendment is

Removal by 25th amendment is probably the least likely scenario, but it’s not impossible. Everybody, including his Cabinet officers, know that Trump is unstable. It just depends how unstable he gets.

As for impeachment, the Senate vote on removal is something that only happens after the House votes to impeach. The House won’t vote to impeach until the evidence is presented, presumably including results from Mueller’s investigation. Trump’s defenders keep assuming Mueller doesn’t have anything on Trump, but that’s fantastical thinking. First, if there was nothing there, Mueller would have wound up the investigation months ago. Despite Trump’s claims, Mueller is not a partisan. The truth is that he has likely amassed a significant amount of evidence, and is running down every possible thread to assure that when his report is issued it is ironclad. When this information becomes public, it will be exceedingly difficult to obfuscate, although Trump and Friends will certainly try. Second, Mueller’s organization is the one operation in Washington that doesn’t leak. The only information that has come out of that operation has come either from court filings and actions, from Trump’s own lawyers leaking about their interactions with Mueller, or Trump’s own people leaking about their own depositions. All the cries of “no evidence of collusion” will be meaningless when Mueller releases a report that includes evidence of conspiracy.

So there’s the Mueller report, and assuming the likelihood that the House flips to Democratic control, there will also finally be House investigations using subpoena powers to hold Trump and his administration accountable. The result is that there will soon be a lot more information available for examination. If that information leads to a House vote to impeach, the Senate will be compelled to try the case. More evidence will be heard in that trial, and only then will the 2/3 vote need to be considered. It’s in that context that Republican Senators will be deciding whether it is in their interest to defy the evidence and protect the President. If there has been a ‘blue wave’ in 2018, Republican Senators will be much less likely to gamble their future just on fear of being primaried. They’ll also have a fear of losing in a general election.

The prediction that Democrats will lose Senate seats in November is also fantasy. It’s true that under more normal circumstances, the GOP should not be worried about losing the Senate. These are not normal circumstances. Trump does indeed have high poll numbers among Republicans. It’s also true that he has 90%+ disapproval ratings among Democrats, and that’s where the energy is right now. It’s also true that Trump has the lowest overall approval ratings of any first-term President heading into midterms since they started recording these types of numbers in the 50s. He’s also the only President who hasn’t broken 50% in approval ratings at all this far into his term. And given the current economy, this is likely his high-water mark. There’s no upside coming. The Senate that should be solid is a tossup, and the House is going to flip.

In reality, things don’t look so great for Mr. Trump.

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From the NYT op-ed, It may be

From the NYT op-ed,
It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era, but Americans should know that there are adults in the room.

I don't think so.

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Regardless of what is to come

Regardless of what is to come out of the Mueller investigation, we live in a dangerous world and keeping a crazy man as Commander in Chief for another minute is inexcusable. If there were actual responsible adults in the room, they would act immediately to invoke the 25th Amendment. Our country cannot play Russian Roulette with it's security at stake. It is imperative for Republican leaders to have the guts to stand up to a racist and mentally ill leader. The well being of our citizens is at risk. Trump has to go!

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This is just another coward that is complicit in creating a shadow government to promote/push their judges, policies and regulations on the people.

The letter writer should announce themself or resign, that's what a TRUE American would do.

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Must be bewildering for some

Must be bewildering for some to hold on to the belief that the Trump administration is run by incompetent fools, but these same fools are also Resisters™️ that are constantly saving us from Trump’s incompetence.

When do you guys think that most folks stopped paying attention to these daily "bombshells" you have been obsessing over for two years now ? I'd say .. maybe mid summer 2016.

He may have been very prophetic with that 5th Avenue statement.

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Trump is not the only person

Trump is not the only person that needs a mental evaluation. There are millions of his supporters that we need to pray for and hope they get the help they need. Germany's right wing, racist, nut party has now become the second most popular political party in their country. It appears something that makes people crazy is in the water in Europe and around the globe. Lots of Americans seem to be drinking it. No reasonable person could watch a racist and corrupt man like Trump run our government and not be outraged.

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Bob Corker on the NYT

Bob Corker on the NYT anonymous op-ed, from the Tennessean,

"I think the biggest issue they’re going to have is figuring out who wouldn’t have written a letter like that," Corker said."

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