“We are no longer a partner to this project,” Bumpas said in an email. “They refunded our deposit and we have moved on.”

Visit Knoxville hasn’t had direct contact with Local Motors since the tourism agency got its deposit back, she said.

No Olli for Knoxville: City hits the brakes on self-driving buses

JR01's picture

Seems like Visit Knoxville

Seems like Visit Knoxville isn’t doing too well. First they lose Destination Imagination, then the Olli. Wonder what the problem is.

R. Neal's picture

Seems more like a Local

Seems more like a Local Motors problem than a Visit Knoxville problem.

j.f.m.'s picture

If you read not too far

If you read not too far between the lines of the article, the issue here does not sound like it's on Visit Knoxville's end. (I'm also confused why the headline says "the City" when there wasn't any city involvement in the proposal except the offer to work with the company on permitting etc when they got to that stage. "The city" didn't put the brakes on anything.)

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