Aug 17 2021
05:46 pm

If we don't need to wear masks, then...

Why is it the TN Dept of Health is deploying the National Guard to fill hospital bed and staffing shortages?

Why is Texas ordering mortuary trailers from FEMA?

Why are hospitals full?

Why are hospitals delaying elective surgeries?

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The NFL has figured out

The NFL has figured out getting their people vaccinated.

"As of Saturday, all 32 of the league’s team had topped vaccination rates of 75 percent, with 15 teams above 95 percent, according to NBC Sports."

"The Atlanta Falcons said Monday that the entire team is vaccinated against Covid-19, making them the first NFL franchise to be entirely inoculated against the disease."

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Ole Miss football team 100%

Ole Miss football team 100% vaccinated.
All but 1 of the Alabama football team vaccinated.

Wonder what the stats are for UT's football team...

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Ward Waste Collection New Fall Commercial! (Tasteless Parody )

Just in time for football season, Ward Waste Collection introduces their fall ad campaign, just in time for the fall surge in deaths.


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Governor Lee says parents

Governor Lee says parents know what is best for their children. Parents that refuse to protect their children from a deadly disease obviously are not looking out for the health of their children. Governor Lee needs a mental evaluation. Lee is an embarrassment to Tennessee and shares the blame for the covid deaths in our state. He is a pathetic excuse for a leader. Thousands of children in Tennessee are abused by their parents each year. By Lee's way of thinking, these child abusing parents know best.

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Parents know best,

Except when it comes to knowing which bathroom their transgender child should be able to use. We need a mob hell bent on persecuting a child for that.

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