Oct 9 2018
10:40 am
By: R. Neal

NPR: Nikki Haley has resigned as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. It is not immediately clear what has prompted the move.

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Trump says in press

Trump says in press conference about resignation,

"I think she’s helped make it a much better position...She’s made it a more glamorous position, she’s made it, more importantly, a more important position," Trump said.

Aaaaahhh, glamorous. That's how the American people think of the UN Ambassador.

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She's a woman. It's Trump.

She's a woman. It's Trump. "Glamorous" is high praise. Be grateful he didn't call her a "10."

She's one of the few people in the Administration that wasn't damaged by Trump. Maybe she got out before that happened.

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Ah, now it makes sense to me.

Ah, now it makes sense to me. Sessions will be gone after midterms. Lindsey Graham has auditioned hard to be his replacement. Haley plans to run for Graham's Senate seat.

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Now I understand why she

Now I understand why she resigned. Sounds very likely.

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Last week an investigation was called to look into Nikki Haley's use of private transportation on taxpayers dime. (link...)
Use of private transportation on taxpayers dime seems to be a recurring theme in the tRump administration/gop

Although, the fishy timing of her exit announcement may be before that call for in investigation. (link...)

Note that tRump has said she's welcome to come back anytime, in any position she wants...

Will we have elections in 2020?

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