Dec 23 2017
11:48 am

I was just trying to remember some of Knoxville's nightclubs of the past. I thought it might make a fun discussion. Here are a few that I remembered. There are some I remember but can't recall the names.

Irelands on Cumberland
Uncle Sam's on Alcoa Highway
Yosemite Sam's on Cumberland
End Zone on Cumberland
Flanigan's, Kingston Pike
L&N Hotel, corner of Henley and Western (Spiders)
Last Lap, Cumberland

There was a place on Cumberland just beyond the railroad underpass on the left that I can't recall it's name. It was taken by the '82 Worlds Fair, and seems I recall a club just to the south of Cumberland. I vaguely remember it having a balcony, but I wouldn't swear to it.

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Let us never forget the snake snatch or the Vatican

They weren’t night clubs, but they were in that related late-night scruffy category.

JaHu's picture

You have me on those two.

You have me on those two. I've never heard of either.

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The one taken by the World's

The one taken by the World's Fair site was I think "Showcase Lounge" downstairs and "Bradley's Station" upstairs if I recall correctly. The Showcase Lounge featured soul and Bradley's Station featured rock.

And don't forget The Place!

JaHu's picture

Oh yeah, it was "Bradley

Oh yeah, it was "Bradley Station". I never went into the Showcase Lounge.
The club just off Cumberland may have been "Big Mama's".
Did "The Place" replace Irelands?

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The Place was there before

The Place was there before most of these, going back to the 60s. It was next to where Stefano's is now.

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campus bars

There was also the cat's meow,the Alley(17th and Western), The tunnel, Sweet Rain, La Cantana ,the Yard arm and from the beatnik era the down under. The Senators club on Alcoa Hwy had famous big bands. And I went to all of them!

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Didn't the "Senators Club"

Didn't the "Senators Club" become "Uncle Sam's"?
"Uncle Sam's" had an amazing one on one magician. He ended up on the "Tonight Show".

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I was there at Senator's

I was there at Senator's Club/Uncle Sams all the time.

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I became somewhat friends

I became somewhat friends with the guy who owned L&N. Been so long ago I dont remember his name but he restored an old house at Fourth and Gill and turned it into a nice restaurant/bar. I can't recall it's name either. It sucks getting old.

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Dan Rhinehardt. L&N, Zeke &

Dan Rhinehardt.

L&N, Zeke & Dan's (with Zeke Gilmore)

JaHu's picture

Thanks Betty! Yeah, Zeke &

Thanks Betty! Yeah, Zeke & Dan's... I've been racking my brain trying to remember the name. I always admired the woodwork.

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Dan moved back to wherever he

Dan moved back to wherever he was from (Pennsylvania?). Zeke married Dianne Sayers and eventually moved to Atlanta. He died a few years ago.

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Sad to hear that about Zeke.

Sad to hear that about Zeke.

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Flenigans, Kingston Pike

Flenigans, Kingston Pike should be Bennigans. It is now an Olive Garden.

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Heading out of town, there

Heading out of town, there was one on the right, on Kingston Pike, before getting to Flenigans called Sam Houston's.

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What is near that place now?

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I believe it was across the

I believe it was across the street from where Red Lobster is now.

JaHu's picture

I remember seeing the

I remember seeing the Temptations at Flanigan's in the late 70's, anyone else?

JaHu's picture

Wow... thinking back... There

Wow... thinking back... There seemed to be a lot more dance clubs than there are now. I wonder if stricter dui laws had an affect on their dwindling numbers?

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The drinking age was 18 in

The drinking age was 18 in the 60s/70s. If you got stopped back then they sometimes just took your bottle and let you go.

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I remember nervously passing

I remember nervously passing through a few of the roadblocks.

JaHu's picture

I remember nervously passing

Sorry, double post.

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I was just reminiscing about

I was just reminiscing about the old L&N hotel. I really enjoyed hanging out there pre '82 Worlds Fair. The fair took it over and completely destroyed the oviance of the experience. I used to be a member of the UT Hangliders club, and we always unofficially concluded our meetings there. They usually had a piano player for entertainment. It was a great place to unwind for the day. The bathrooms were upstairs where all the rooms of the old hotel were located. Using the old cliche, "If walls could talk."

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Flanigan's, not Flenigans

and definitely not the same as Bennigan's. It was AKA Big Daddy's at one point. And don't forget 2001, on what is now Parkside Drive.

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Great... now I'll have to go

Great... now I'll have to go back and edit all my comments and post.

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Murphys near Market Square. I

Murphys near Market Square. I had many an interesting conversation there, including one in which I managed to convert Ricky Hall, who knew me only by what he read in the papers, into a friend. Miss him so.

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Knoxville music

I thought that someone would mention the Book by Jack Renfro "4 decades of music in Knoxville Tn: Cumberland ave. Revisited" I guess its me. anyway it was published in 2003 and is now out of print and I understand bringing a hefty price on e-bay. but I am sure the library has a copy. The graphic cover was done by none other than Fabulo Frenzenii (Ken Clayton)

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Antonio's on the Strip, circa 1979-1982

4 for one happy hour, pitches of mixed drinks, it's a different day and age now, you'd have a hard time finding an ash tray in any of those spots on the strip now

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Mad Mouse

Before Antonia's, this place was up on the alley I think,
I was too young, visiting my grandparents on the other sis of the hedge.

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Desperados in west knox; the

Desperados in west knox; the Village Barn in the east.

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Desperados... I was there one

Desperados... I was there one night and wouldn't you know it... Bill Clinton, the then governor of Arkansas, came in with his entourage of followers. He was only there for a few minutes. I didn't know who he was but a couple of my friends recognized him immediately.

I know this sounds farfetched, but it's true... I really did have a couple of friends.

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3 for Thursday

The Jolly Ox was a great restaurant of that time and also had a good size bar that was very popular on Thursdays.

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Zeke & Dan's

Zeke & Dan's was in the building that is currently Sassy Ann's.

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Decades ago, there was a

Decades ago, there was a rumor floating around that Jimmy Buffet used to play somewhere on Cumberland. Anybody know if there was any truth to that?

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The Canteen

Supposedly, he played at the Canteen, on the corner of Lake and 18th. It later was a Mister Gattis and I'm not sure what's there now.

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I always enjoyed playing

I always enjoyed playing foosball at the End Zone, located behind Pizza Hut on the corner of Cumberland and 17th, and also at the Ice House. It was a little bar/gameroom tucked away in the basement of a business also located on 17th but on the opposite side of Cumberland where 'The Standard' is now. Anyone else get sucked into the foosball craze?

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Oh yea, I played at both of

Oh yea, I played at both of those places many times. Met a girlfriend at the end zone playing in the late 70's. As a matter of fact my daughter and son in-law got me a very nice foosball table for Christmas this year.

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