Apr 11 2017
09:22 am

I would love a New Urbanist town center in the City of Alcoa. I really like the Northshore Town Center. We can only hope they do not destroy the vibe and beauty of the Alcoa community during this process.

R. Neal's picture

Maybe the ammo plant can

Maybe the mythical ammo plant can relocate there since the IDB repossessed their land and join the mythical Sam's Club as anchor tennants.

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Eight lane road

Your link states that this development is contingent on an 8 lane road going through, amirite? Question 1: who profits from this road?

Isn't the whole point of new urbanism that you walk to work and to the store? decrease the need for driving? Besides, have these people never heard of traffic calming?

bizgrrl's picture

contingent on an 8 lane road

contingent on an 8 lane road going through, amirite?

First phase of the 8 lane road

Question 1: who profits from this road?

People wanting to quickly pass through Alcoa and all the new businesses that can appear at new interchanges and newly opened land.

They are behind the times.

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Not the best time to create new retail centers

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